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24-02-04, 21:21
Hi !

I've been researching my ancestors since 1988.

a lot of people from Southern Finland but here I am looking for my ancestors from Pedersöre and Kronoby :www.saunalahti.fi/varola/matilda

Juha Vuorela

ps. Check out my website - unfortunately only in Finnish!

24-02-04, 21:52
I noticed Iisalmi in your list of parishes. Do you have ancestors from there back into the late 1600s and early 1700s? Just curious. I have a couple who left Iisalmi and moved to Liminka and haven't been able to trace them back any further.

25-02-04, 01:35
I checked your description and see a number of Swede-Finn surnames. If you have any of those who emigrated to America and you have difficulty finding them, I might be able to help with my access to Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in Rock Island, IL.
I've had a lot of good luck finding Swede-Finns here.
I also visited your website and look forward to seeing the whole thing in English :)
Chuck Mäki

25-02-04, 08:18
About Iisalmi: My knowledge of Iisalmi area ends somewhere in the late 18th century. I havent had any time to really find out what was going on there back in old days :)

About emmigrants: I do have at least one family that went overseas - I have found out their grandchildren and her family.

When I have more time I will ask more about them

meanwhile: take care