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Karen Norwillo
14-03-14, 15:48
June and I are trying to find this person who married Anders Andersson Wester, Anders was born 8 Nov 1859 in Solf to Anders Israelsson Wester or Hellman and Maja Lisa Isaksdotter Hellman. I have searched Solf and Korsholm, records found both places depending on year.

15-03-14, 09:18
Charlotta Wilhelmina Holm
I have not found this person and do not know where she was born. Anders Andersson Wester moved from Munsmo to Vasa about 1883 and married Wilhelmina in 1886. After 1890 they used the family name Backman and in 1895 the family, including three children, was registered as Baptists, and after that I lost the thread.

Anders had a brother Johan Wester, born Oct. 31, 1840 in Munsmo (at that time a village in Korsholm) who also moved to Vasa and from there to Minnesota. Do you know anything about him and his family?
Ulla Höglund

Karen Norwillo
15-03-14, 14:19
John Wester and his wife Mary are found in Garfield, Polk, WI in 1900 census. Their nephew Axel, Anders' son, age 12, was living with them. He came 7 Aug 1899 on the Cymric, destination uncle in WI. Mary was from Norway. Says emigrated 1880. By 1910 census John was dead. John Wester 31 Oct 1840-19 May 1906 Deronda, Polk, WI. In 1885 and 1895 Minnesota State census, they are in Montevideo, Chippewa, MN. There is a marriage on Ancestry.com in Norway for Johan Anderson Wester 1840, age 35, and Marie Thoresdr. Hummelvold on 27 June 1875. Norway Select Marriages 1660-1906. This could be them.
Thank you for the Bachman tip.

Karen Norwillo
15-03-14, 18:13
I believe Charlotta Wilhelmina was born in Vasa. I found two of her brothers births there 17.12.1851 Ernst Frithiof born to Sjöm Johan Holm and Charlotta Elisabet. 6.12.1854 Gustav Emil born to Timmerm. Johan Holm and Charlotta Elisabet.

15-03-14, 20:24
From Hiski,
one more brother?

Född Döpt Far Mor Barn
22.4.1849 29.4.1849 Sjöm. Johan Holm Charlotta 23 Johan August

From Rippikirjat:

At the bottom of the page,
Charlotta Elisabeth with sister and parents:


Johan, from Kvevlax birth book:

Communion book:


Karen Norwillo
15-03-14, 21:33
Thank you, Stefan. I did find some of those today, but the birth of Johan confirms what we found on Hiski as his possible parents. I found the Holm family on a later rippi with more children. This is the 1857-1864 rippi.