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08-09-03, 03:06
Does anyone out there know of good articles or books, either in Swedish or English, that discuss the iron-working industry in Finland and Sweden since the late 17th century?

Most of my Swede-Finn relatives (and their Swedish relatives, too) were iron workers, and I would like to gain a greater understanding both of the industry and its changes over time in Finland and Sweden, as well as the everyday life of iron workers in Finland in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

My goal would be to start a small on-line library of information in English (articles in Swedish we could work to translate) to help all of us with iron industry ancestors.

A-M Löfdahl
08-09-03, 22:35
I hope that you have visited

www.oravais.fi (http://www.oravais.fi)

There is also a link to Kimo Iron works.


10-09-03, 09:51
Hi Kelly,

There is a terrific dictionary of terms and all sorts off things to do with the iron industry at SweGGate. On the main page for SweGGate select Dictionary.

I was given this website for museums including a foundry
museum in Finland.

Have you tried doing a Google search for Iron Museum Finland?

Hope these suggestions help.
Regards ,

18-09-03, 21:57
Thank you, Ann-Marie and Jeanette for your suggestions for websites that have more information on the iron-working industries in Sweden and Finland. Yes, I checked out the Kimo website and helped Dr. Haeffner in a small way create the vocab. list on Sweggate. What I am looking for are articles that describe the way the iron-working communities were created, how people lived within them, what people who were gjutares, masugnmästares, different kinds of smeds did on a daily basis; how the iron-working communities interacted with surrounding communities, marriage patterns, economics, land-use (for coal making) etc. I have seen and worked to translate some small articles on the topic from Swedish, but my Swedish is not so good I am afraid.

The iron-working industry is just not an area of interest that has had much written about it in English, though it is a more common topic in Swedish. It was a major industry in Sweden and Finland, and it touched the lives of many people, many of our ancestors, and yet it is hard to find in depth information on it. So, I thought I would ask if anyone knew of anything I did not or had sources that we could work to get translated and more easily available.

I appreciate your suggestions, however - you never know!

Gunnar Damström
17-10-03, 21:51
Visit http://www.fiskars.fi/corporation/h_index.html . There you can download a PDF file representing the history of Fiskars and the the iron works in Finland-Sweden.

A-M Löfdahl
17-10-03, 22:21
Kelly and others!

Two books were published this year about Kimo Iron Works

Wester Holger red., Kimo Bruk 300 år 1703-2003.
Engström Evi, Hit ledde Järnets väg


18-10-03, 22:13
This topic is very interesting to us. One of Don's family trees stems from Kimo bruk in Oravais. The stamfar Ståhle can be traced to Lögdöbruk near Sundsvall. Beyond that we don't have much. We believe he was a Walloon.
While cruising through Akademiska Bokhandeln in Helsingfors this summer we spotted a book about Smedar/Smiths at foundries. It's published in Sweden, and we really regret not purchasing it. We would have had to jettison other books however. Does anyone out there know of this book?
Next Question: Is there a website where we can contanct the descendents of Walloons? We have heard rumors but not found it.

18-10-03, 22:34
Is there a website where we can contanct the descendents of Walloons? We have heard rumors but not found it...


Look here (http://www.vallon.a.se/)

Sällskapet Vallonättlingar bildades 1938. Dess syfte är att sprida kännedom om vallonernas insatser i vårt lands ekonomiska och kulturella liv och att stödja forskningen på detta område. Sällskapet skall även samla ättlingar till de ursprungligen invandrade vallonerna till olika former av samvaro, medverka till bevarandet av resterna av vallonsk kultur och skapa levande kontakt med folk, myndigheter och institutioner i Vallonien.

18-10-03, 22:52
Du kan allt!

18-10-03, 23:11
You have probably scanned through these pages:pages (http://genealogi.aland.net/discus/messages/22540/26421.html)

On anbytarforum there is one message stating:

Av Ulf Berggren (Ulfb) – fredag den 14 febr 2003 kl. 23.22:

...Det låter som den Erik Hansson Ståhle som kom från Lögdö i Medelpad till Oravais, men han föddes redan 1666 ca och gifte sig ca 1691 med Maria Fransdotter, från samma plats.

Men han är inte av vallonsläkt. Inget tyder på något vallonskt ursprung för hans far, som är den tidigaste kände i släkten.