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June Pelo
03-04-14, 17:22
While cleaning out files, I came across the obituary of Leif Mether, dated 2005. Does anyone want it? It's in Swedish.. from Hufvudstadsbladet.

Ed Koski
04-04-14, 00:33

Thanks for bringing up Memories of Leif .....
I had the honor of speaking & writing to him ..

I'm very sure he now has all his Family Trees in order and is greeting every one - In Swedish, Finnish & English to say - I know You .... we are RELATED....

We are next ..... ( I'm going on 75 )

best regards

June Pelo
04-04-14, 01:18
Here's a picture of Leif and me in Esko, MN at a festival ca 1990. He had asked me to help him demonstrate the use of HisKi to a group of "newbies".