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June Pelo
08-04-14, 04:18
There's a query in FAR as follows:

Searching for information on members of the Peltoniemi family who emigrated to the US or Canada.
John Eric, b. 2 Dec 1856, d. 26 Mar 1901; Marja Liisa, b. 18 Mar 1854; Matti, b. 18 Oct 1861, d. 1909; Kreeta Matilda, b. 6 Sep 1866; Frans Oskar, b. 6 Jun 1877, d. 30 Apr 1932.

Frans Oskar was my great grandfather. I know he had been in America, but don't know when he came or when he returned to Finland. John Eric, Maria, Kreeta and Frans might have descendants in America.

Matti Peltoniemi's children were Arvo, b. 2 Nov 1891, and Aarne, b. 4 Aug 1898. Arvo's children were Reuben, Sulo and Roy.

Markus Peltoniemi
Peltoniementie 50
FI 98310
Kemijärvi, Finland

e-mail: markus.peltoniemi%40iki.fi


Karen Norwillo
08-04-14, 23:48
I found quite a bit, including living relatives and sent it to Markus. I'm waiting to hear back from him that he received it.
I found an obit for one of Arvo's children with lots of names and locations.

June Pelo
08-04-14, 23:53
Thanks, Karen.. I was hoping someone would find something for him.. kind of knew you would!!