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June Pelo
10-04-14, 15:58
In Finland, up to 95% of an obsolete car material can be reused and a company called Suomen Autokierratys is the leader in this field. First they remove liquids, batteries and tires from the car as well as any recyclable spare parts. After crushing, they separate the steel, iron, rubber, plastic, textiles and non-ferrous materials.

Steel products such as pots and pans are manufactured from the steel. Tire materials are used for civil engineering in the foundations of roads and parking lots and as crumb rubber in the astroturf at football stadiums. Only an average of 50 kilograms of a 1,000 kg car ends up at the landfill.

The recycling of cars is regulated through an European Union directive which specifies that by 2015, 95% of the weight of a scrap car must be utilized and reclaimed.

The number of English-language loan words making their way into Finnish conversations is growing every year. Most words that have recently been adopted have been related to computer and internet. Like 'spammata' to spam, 'googlata' or 'googlettaa' to google, print and scan in Finnish are 'printata' and 'skannata'. Other words that seem recognizable to English-speakers are bloggaaja, deitti, downshiftaus, hybridiauto, netti, nude, pimpata, spoilata, trolli, video, videoblogi and hipsteri.

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