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Karen Norwillo
25-02-04, 17:49
I'm looking for more information about my great-aunt, Thilda Långsjö, born 3 Sept 1880 in Esse. We have it that she came to the US about 1900 and died somewhere in the US about 10 Feb 1912. Her sisters settled in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so I might think she would have come to that area. So far no luck in tracing her. I have tried under Anderson also, as her father was Anders Långsjö. Any help greatly appreciated. Karen

25-02-04, 21:07
Hey Karen!
Looks like we are related back to the Långsjö in Lappfors, Esse.
Many of the Långsjö families changed there names in America to Langsea.
You have many Langsea (Långsjö) relations in the Seattle area. They decend from your Anders brother Petter born 1852 and died in Tacoma, Wa. 1915.
He married Anna Lovisa Pettersdr, Hjulfors. Dead Tacoma 1903.
They first settled in Manistee, Mich. where they raised a large family before coming to Tacoma. Many of the children moved
west with them. All very active in the Swedish Baptist Church.
I have a lot of information on the Långsjö family in Esse which
I can send you and the Petter Langseas family here in America.
I lost a family in Michigan Matt Pettersson Långsjö born 20 Jun 1864 to America 1887. Died in MIchigan 1899 had a number of children. Contact lost when my parents died.
I do not have any information on Thilda but will ask some of the
local Langsea's if they have information.
The Långsjö families belonged to the Lutheran church, the Swedish Baptist church and the Laestadian church.
Write more later must clean basement new furnace tomarrow.
Don Forsman

Karen Norwillo
26-02-04, 18:46
Don, I would love to have the info. I have alot of the direct lineage through my grandmother, Anna Lovisa Långsjö, born 3 Dec 1872, but not the brothers and sisters of her father Anders. Interestingly, my grandparents also first settled in Manistee, where they were married in 1897. They later moved to Crystal Falls, where they both are buried. My sister and I will be going to Finland in May and will be having a reunion with the decendants of Anders Albert, my grandmother's brother. I also have much info on another sister, Lena, born 10 May 1874. She also settled in MI, as did Maria Sofia. I will gladly share. Karen

Kaj Granlund
26-02-04, 19:02
I just have to say welcome to Finland and Esse, maby we will see each other. Often the families want a guided tour in the parish church. And if possible I will be glad to guide You.

Karen and Don if you don't mind I would like to have that information for the database in the parish too. If somebody on this side looks for the information we could have it.


Karen Norwillo
27-02-04, 18:14
Kaj, I will be happy to share what info I have on the Långsjö families here in the US and in Finland. My gedcom is in Talko, but I have alot of new info that isn't on it. After I return from Finland, I will send you an updated version. Are you able to import a GedCom directly or shall I mail a copy? By the way, hope to run into you in Esse. We plan on visiting my grandmother's birthplace and the church. Karen

Kaj Granlund
27-02-04, 18:33
HI Karen
Nice. I think we have a lot of the Esse information in the parish database, that we have been trying to build up the last 10 years. But the information about what happened on the other side of the Atlantic is usually very fragmentaric, so at least that part is of great interset to us.
Feel free to call the vicar (=me) as You come to Esse I think You also might be interested to have a look at the churchrecords just to see how the families were recorded.


27-02-04, 21:07
Originally posted by Karen Norwillo
...My gedcom is in Talko, but I have alot of new info that isn't on it...


If you have newer data then which is on Talko just now you are welcome to send it over and I'll enter it into Talko.

28-02-04, 00:34
S36, Evan. Covenant Church
244, Good Shepherd/Messiah Lutheran

I had fun at 244 because somehow the secretary listed people by their first names so we had, for example, Nils Anderson, Nils Johnson, and so forth. I don't believe that secretary continued too long in the job:)))
I searched page by page in these small churches and found nothing but this:

Good Shepherd/Messiah Lutheran
Marriages list for 1899<error, it's 1897
On july 31, Gabriel Sulasalmi and Anna Longsjö, both of Manistee, were married by pastor J. Forsberg. Neither were members so no further information. Longsjö is not your average name so perhaps somebody on this thread can claim her?


Karen Norwillo
28-02-04, 19:25
Chuck, These are my paternal grandparents. I have a copy of their marriage papers from the county, but no church records. Interestingly, they have Anna's last name spelled as Longszo on the county papers. Thanks, Karen

28-02-04, 21:47
I just went back to the file of another search and found Cecilia Sulasalmi so it certainly fits.
Next time I am at Swenson I will make a fotocopy of that page for you and then you will have some sort of church record.


Karen Norwillo
29-02-04, 17:04
Thanks Chuck, Cecilia was my aunt, the eldest of my father's siblings. I appreciate all your efforts. Karen

Karen Norwillo
08-03-04, 21:13
Chuck, Got your mailing today. Thank you so much. Now I'm really confused. The marriage record I received from the county says the date of their marriage was July 31, 1897, your church records say 1899. I have Cecilia's date of birth as April 3, 1898. The pictures are great. Karen

08-03-04, 22:44
Check the entry on the upper right for the next page - see 1898? and about 2/3 of the way down for that next page you can see 1899 so that 7 was badly formed.

Everything is fine now:)

Karen Norwillo
14-03-04, 15:59
On the Institute of Migration, I found an entry for a Tilda Långsjö dated 20.09.1902 with her destination as Seattle, WA. I don't know why she would be going there, unless possibly to cousins that were already there. Any suggestions how to procede? Karen

Karen Norwillo
25-09-04, 20:06
Don, I found several entries on Ellis Island for a Samuel Langsea. Apparently he was a sailor for a time. There is one dated 1919 when he was 22 and a third mate on the SS Butler and one dated 1924 when he was a 27 year old chief mate on the SS Munrio. He is listed as unmarried at the time. Also, on the Manistee GenWeb, I think I found the first Samuel Langsea who died as an infant. Are these the children of Peter and Anna? Still waiting for that info from you. I know you've been very busy. Karen

30-09-04, 07:07
Hey Karen!
Sorry it been a very busy summer with house guests from Finland
every month and three deaths in the family and a wonderful busy month in Finland.
Sam Langsea was a son of Petter and Anna Sofia. He was a
ship's captain and died in 1960 in Seattle married Ester Mattson no children.
Will check with some of the Langsea's about Tilda tomarrow.
and will let you know. This information is also on Talko.

Karen Norwillo
19-12-04, 20:38
I was just reviewing my "brick walls," I noticed two entries on Talko have Thilda's death as 1910 and not 1912. Family info and records my cousin received say 1912, are they incorrect? I'm still trying to locate her place of death, but so far, no luck. Maybe next year.