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26-02-04, 22:52
I have been in "reading mode" today and have enjoyed reading the messages about Christmas and New Year Holidays (better late than never). It has prompted me to start another thread about other holidays which might be celebrated in Finland. By this I mean "National Holidays". Does Finland have anything similar to Australia Day which celebrates the first settlement of Australia. It is celebrated on 26th January and even though I have lived in the UK for the past 26 years I still very patriotically "fly the Aussie flag" in my front garden every 26th Jan.
Another unusual day in Australia, though not exactly a "holiday" is Melbourne Cup Day, the day of the biggest horse race in Australia. At the time of the running of "The Cup" the whole of Australia virtually comes to a standstill, as everyone is glued to a television set or radio somewhere. Getting off the subject of Australia, Japan celebrates "Children`s Day" by flying fish shaped kites outside their homes. So, over to you Finland and Sweden. Lets hear about your holidays, official or otherwise.


27-02-04, 04:52
What about St Urho's Day? I still like to wear purple & green on that day. It always is a conversation starter! :D

Tracy Boeldt
27-02-04, 05:40
Ok, I'll bite......what's St Urho?


27-02-04, 06:28
From what I was told, St Urho is a national hero and a patron saint of Finland. He chased the grasshoppers from the grape vineyards, hence the green and purple you're supposed to wear on March 16th.




27-02-04, 08:17

You are an amazing source of information! Mojakka! St Urho!

Many thanks for the websites -

27-02-04, 10:41
I liked the website also, even if your St. Urhu wasn`t a very pretty chap. Glad I am not Irish, or I might have been offended at the reference to the "minor saint" of Ireland though. Had me guessing there for a while (well it is early in the morning and I am not properly awake yet). Keep these holidays and funny days coming folks.:D

Kaj Granlund
20-03-04, 15:22
Well, not a holiday but still a great day up here at the middle of the west coast of Finland is the last saturday night in august. That evening is supposed to be the end of the season you spend at the sommer cottage. Earlier it was , but as you have heating in your cottage many stay longer by the sea side. That evening is for coloured lightings, fire works, bon fires and coming together with friends. The both towns Karleby and Jakobstad can't agree in which town this really started, so every year there is a small discussion about who actually is doing this evening right.