View Full Version : Walking through Europe

June Pelo
01-05-14, 19:53
Just heard from one of my cousins in Finland.. she is 47 years old and is walking through Europe. She started from Spain 5 weeks ago and is nearing the end of her trip. She said: I stopped to walk in Geneve today after 800 kms. I have been here 5 weeks. I have seen that spring changes to summer in one day when I walked downhill 40kms in Pyrenees. It was one of the most wonderful days. It was great to walk near Canal du Midi and Rhone. During nights in the tent was quite cool. But I slept also in the hotels.

She's a very hardy person.. has skied the entire length of Finland several times, has bicycled all of Finland from north to south... there isn't much of anything she hasn't tackled.