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June Pelo
05-05-14, 03:03
I am searching for Johan or John Panttila and Karl Panttila. John changed his family name after arriving to America to Isaacson. He and his brother came from Teuva, Finland and settled in Pennsylvania. Later Alexandra Matalamaki and her sister arrived. I believe the brothers arrived around 1898 and Alexandra and her sister around 1900. I also believe they both came through Ellis Island. It would be great to learn what ship they were on. Thank you so much!

I'm helping someone with this request.. can anyone find anything for him?

05-05-14, 13:34

June Pelo
05-05-14, 14:35

Tusen Tak for that information! :)

Karen Norwillo
05-05-14, 17:33
There is an Elena Matalamaki age 24 arriving 8 Sep 1900 to NY from Southampton on the "St Louis" to friend Charlie Isakson in PA. (can't make out place) Unless her sister was travelling under a different surname, there is no other Matalamaki with her.
Hulda Matalamaki arrived 5 Dec 1903 on the "Campania" to brother-in-law Johan Panttila in Cambria, PA. She was 19.

June Pelo
05-05-14, 20:46
Thanks, Karen. I'll pass it along.

Karen Norwillo
05-05-14, 22:34
There is a Charles Isaacson in Nanty Glo, Cambria, PA, coal miner, wife Clara, many children, some of which were born in Finland. I found an arrival of a Klara (Kara) Pantalla and 3 children in 1900 to husband Carl. Census records show his arrival 1899. On the OH Deaths 1908-1953, Charles Pantilla 29 Jul 1870 Teuva, Finland, died 18 Nov 1931 in Warren, Trumball, OH. Wife Clara Pantilla, father Isaac Pantilla. Buried Oakwood Cemetery. So he must have used both surnames.

06-05-14, 01:24
Teuva > rippikirja, 1891-1900 > 162:

There is a Kaarlo Hermanni Isaksson Panttila b 29.8.1870 in Teuva, wife Clara Rosina Johansdotter b. 27.6.1871. in Notes Kaarlo to Am. 6/1899 and Klara to Am. 8/1900. Children Hilda Urho Ida Fanny and Karl.

Aleksandra Elina b. 19.8.1876 Teuva, in notes Am. 21.8.1900

Teuva > rippikirja, 1891-1900 > 167:

Karen Norwillo
06-05-14, 14:35
John Henry Isaacson died 1 Mar 1919 in Nanty Glo age 40 buried in First Finnish Lutheran Cemetery along with his brother Gabriel and family. In 1900, John was a border in Gabriel's home. Gabriel was married to Amanda. There are many Panttila and Isaacson in this cemetery. Not Alexandra Elena, but as John died so young, she may have remarried. I found a John Pantilla age 18 who arrived 25 May 1896 on the "Umbria" destination Clearfield, PA. In 1910 census he says he arrived 1896. There are many spellings of Panttila found.

Karen Norwillo
06-05-14, 15:00
Here is their marriage license in 1901.

Karen Norwillo
06-05-14, 15:37
Strangely, in 1930 Trumbull county OH, Charles is in the home of daughter Hilda and husband John Mackey in Warren and Clara is with daughter Mary and her husband Isaac Maijala in Howland. With her are sons George and Neal. Both are neighboring towns, actually Howland is probably part of larger Warren.

June Pelo
06-05-14, 17:06
Thanks, Karen... I'm having difficulty keeping up with your finds...:)

Karen Norwillo
06-05-14, 21:48
More about Alexandra Elena, later Sandra. In 1920 she is widowed in Nanty Glo, Cambria, PA with 9 children. George, Rena, Ruben, Pearl. Helen, Hilda or Hulda, Emil, Lillian and infant Henry. In 1930 she is in Howland,Trumbull, OH with all but Helen who at 24 is probably married. In 1940 only Hilda and Emil are at home with her. She died 26 Dec 1960 at age 84.

07-05-14, 09:29
According to this link https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.2.1/3SFH-1TG Johan's wife will be, Maja Lisa Jacobsdotter Barck, b. 4.2.1841 Teuva, d. 1889 Teuva. 4.2.1841 7.2.1841
Spouse: Johan Johansson Matalamäki, torpare, b. 13.8.1841 Teuva
Aleksandra Eliina Matalamäki, b. 19.8.1876 Teuva. https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.2.1/3SFH-1TG. Moved: Amerikkaan 21.8.1900

Rippikirja 1840-1847

June Pelo
07-05-14, 13:55
Karen and Kaarina, thanks again for all your findings.