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27-02-04, 06:32
... a link to Mojakka!

Did anyone else have to eat this stuff growing up? Actually my mother would make kalamojakka, i.e., salmon stew. I remember as a kid how yucky I thought it was. But then as a kid, there was nothing that wouldn't taste better with some ketchup! :eek: I used to think the whole black peppers she used were pieces of dirt!

Now, as an adult, I probably could eat a bowl and enjoy it.


27-02-04, 06:59
I really enjoyed thinking about that food. There was a Finnish cafeteria in Thunder Bay which my wife and I ate at and it had the same Finnish meatballs recipe as found in the Ojakangas book. mmmm

But that's not all - great stories and I especially liked the one about the guy in Alaska! What great fun and adventures he had up there.
Thanks Kev for a great link:)

27-02-04, 09:08

I never had a name for it but after checking out the website, this is what I used to try and sneak away with and dump down the toilet!

Now I'm looking forward to trying all the recipes that have been submitted! What a great idea for a website. Thanks for sharing.


28-02-04, 00:37
This is absolutely a shocking experience. I remember a kalamojakka at my cousin Alan Maki's place in Iron Mountain, MI.
Fish floating in it head upwards:) I think they could have been brook trout.

That would have set you screaming I think