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27-02-04, 17:19
Hi all,

My name is Thomas Prtfors. I live in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden with my wife Elsie and daughter Ester. Im originally from Helsinki. Most of my relatives are from Ostrobotnia.

I recently started to do some genealogy research.
It all started from a paper I found at my parents home in Helsinki,
a familytree where I found I was related to a farmer in Munsmo parish "Snfs i Munsmo".
Then some months later my mother showed me a request form from a genealogist where I found I was related to a french "Vallon" named de Morgny.

My goal is to complete a familytree to my daughters 18:th
birthday. She is 5 yrs now so there is plenty of time (or is here?...).

Genealogy definitely gives you a new perspective in life !

Here we go!

27-02-04, 20:18
Hi and Welcome!
The name Sthl really rings a bell. My husband Don's family is related at Kimobruk, in Oravais, to that name. Bjarne Berg has written a couple of small books about his search for living de Morgny's. He lives in Solf, Finland.

27-02-04, 21:26
Thanks Syrene,

At the moment I have not much material on the Sthl family.
My mf mf Gustaf Sthl b. 1823-09-04 in Korsholm. d. 1876-03-14** in Korsholm. is as far as I have reached so far.

**Source: Korsholm Svenska Frsamling

Bjarne Bergs letter (request/inquiry form) is the one I mentioned
in my introduction !! It was a very nice surprise and well timed :-)

Have a nice weekend

28-02-04, 01:44
Hi everybody and welcome Thomas,

I am curious as how we got from Snfs name to Sthl.
Are the names synonymous?


28-02-04, 11:23
Hi Chuck,

No, Snfs and Sthl are the names of two separate homesteads
Snfs in Munsmo parish and Sthl in Jungsund parish.
At least Sthl (eng: steel) is a common name for homesteads in different parts of Finland.

Alf Blomqvist
28-02-04, 17:24
Snfs in Munsmo parish and Sthl in Jungsund parish.

Try Talko -database! There you'll find 1328 Sthl -families. A great deal of them in Kronoby (Pras, Sthl/Sthl, Kronoby), but also Kisko, Korsholm, Jeppo, Terjrv, Prtom, Pite...