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21-05-14, 01:55
I'm looking for the parents of Beatta Mickelson Scott who was married to Gustav Erickson. She also went by Bella Erickson. She was born January 9, 1844 somewhere in Finland and passed away March 4, 1924 in Berlin, New Hampshire. So far all that I have for a name for her father is Michael Scott ( Skott? ) but there is no confirmation of this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Karen Norwillo
21-05-14, 15:47
I noticed on Ancestry.com that Beatta, Bella also went by Bertha. In 1900 and 1920 she is in the home of her daughter and son-in-law Edla and Hans Johnson. 1900 census has her DOB as Jan 1843 and Gustaf's as June 1849, both in Finland. Edla was also born there, Oct 1876, so they must have married in Finland. In 1920, she is a widow. There is a family tree, but no new info as to place in Finland.

June Pelo
21-05-14, 17:21
I noticed there are Skott names in Vörå when I checked Talko. Also some Mickel Skott names, but dates don't agree.

I found this Beata, b. in Vörå 9 Jan, 1843 with a father Mickel Skåtar (which could easily become Skott:

*9.1.1843 15.1.1843 Palfvis Bd. Michel Johanss. Skåtar Greta Jakobsdott. 38 Beata

21-05-14, 17:26
Here's a Beata Michelsdotter Skåtar born 1843-01-09 in Vörå:

Maybe she changed her name Skåtar to Scott.

Stefan Nyman

June Pelo
21-05-14, 17:31

Our mails must have crossed.. I found the same thing and amended my posting!

21-05-14, 18:08
That's definitely her, that website is very informative, I wish I could understand the language although google translate helps.

21-05-14, 18:51
I have a question; In the column next to the year of birth there seems to be a surname listed. Am I to assume that that is the name of the farm that they came from? I'm new to learning the naming system that was used such as the patrynomic naming, last names given depending on the farm they lived etc....

21-05-14, 19:25
It is the farm names.

Here you find Michels family:

Michel, near the bottom.

....and here Gretas (Margareta) family:


21-05-14, 21:09

I hope you forgive me as I have a couple of questions as I try understand what I'm reading. I see three names above Michel, two with the birthdate of 1777 and one 1778. I'm assuming that Johan and Brita are his parents but what is the name above those two? Also, is the family at the top Johan's parents?

21-05-14, 22:08
Johan *, born 1777-09-21 son of Johan Johansson, born in 1746.
Brita Ericsdotter born 1788-11-22 Johan * s wife.

Anna Ericsdotter born 1777-01-27 is maid in the family.

It is John * s parents and siblings.


June Pelo
22-05-14, 01:13
I have data on some of these people, and I calculated that Gustaf and Beata were second cousins.. Gustaf's father's, mother's, father and Beata's father's father's father were the same people: Johan Johansson Finne and Margeta Mårtensdotter Jåfs.

22-05-14, 01:33
I thought it funny when I saw the last name Finne cause as you mentioned it shows up in the Erickson line also. My email address is gandul81mex%40yahoo.com


June Pelo
22-05-14, 02:54
I've been doing some more checking.. I had a hunch your Kock and Finne/Bertils were related to someone I know.. turns out to be Debbie Santelli. I just wrote to tell her you share the Finne ancestors.. she's your second and third cousin, three times removed through Finne. I sent you an ahnentafel that includes all the data I have on those families..