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01-06-14, 05:43
Seeking birth location and dates for Fredrik Pehrsson Kortjärvi and his wife Greta Mattsdotter Nygård. They were married on 14 Oct 1855 in Kaustby (HisKi Project), but I believe they subsequently moved to Terjärv, where my great grandmother Lovisa Fredriksdotter Kortjärvi was born on 1 Sep 1861, as well as two siblings (also from HisKi Project).

Several possibilities arise from searching HisKi Project data from Kaustby, but I am not even sure if that is their true place of birth. Thank you in advance for your help.

I of course will then seek information on their parents. I must have a disease of some sort. :)


01-06-14, 08:02
Could it be these?
At the bottom of the page:


Stefan Nyman

June Pelo
01-06-14, 14:16

You've been bitten by the genealogy bug.. you have all the symptoms!

02-06-14, 06:17
It most certainly is. Thank you Stefan!