View Full Version : High tech in the sauna

June Pelo
02-06-14, 20:50
Matti, Heikki and Toivo were sitting naked, testing the Ketola's new log sauna on Lake Superior, when suddenly Matti's arm began making strange noises. "What was that?", asked Toivo.

"That's my pager, I had a microchip installed under my skin," said Matti. Quietly the men sat there pondering when they suddenly hear a phone ring. "Where is that coming from?", asked Toivo.

"That's my phone", said Heikki, as he lifted his thumb to his ear. A few minutes later after his phone call, Heikki explains that he had a microchip installed in his thumb.

After some time, Toivo got up and left the sauna. A few minutes later, Toivo returns with a long piece of toilet paper stuck to his rear. Matti and Heikki raise their eyebrows when they see this.

When Toivo finally realizes what's going on, he explains: "Oh, I must be getting a fax."