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10-06-14, 20:09
I would like to find my great grandmothers death in probably Parkano, Finland sometime between 1890 - 1910..... Her name was Anna Kaisa (Salo) Pohjanmaki, changing to Riihimaki!? She was married to Nikodemus Pojanmaki Riihimaki, who was supposedly a ship captain according to his daughter, my grandmother, Emilia Pojanmaki Riihimaki, who was born in 1885 and came to America in 1911!

Thank you!

11-06-14, 02:50
Parkano > rippikirja, 1901-1910 > 465: Linnankylä 1 Yli Lammi, Riihimäki

The mother Anna Kaisa Johansdotter b. 20.11.1857 Parkano d. 15.4.1911 Parkano, Linnankylä, Riihimäki.

Daugher Emilia to Amerika 6.4.1910.

11-06-14, 14:34
Nikodemus to my ancestry Kontti/Karvia/Kantti.

1. Nikodemus Mattsson Riihimäki f. Pohjanmäki, torp.sonen mäkit.=crofter in Riihimäki, b. 8.3.1858 Ikaalinen Kovelahti. Moved: To Parkano with family 15.7.1895.1
Spouse: 27.12.1881 Anna Kaisa Johansdotter Kiimasalo, b. 20.11.1857 Parkano, d. 15.4.1911 Parkano Linnankylä Riihimäki.
Emma Alina Riihimäki, b. 3.11.1882 Ikaalinen Kovelahti.
Emilia Riihimäki, b. 13.9.1885 Ikaalinen Kovelahti. Moved: To Ruovesi 1901. Came back from Ruovesi 1904. To Amerika 6.4.1910.2
Lyydia Maria Riihimäki, b. 8.9.1888 Ikaalinen Kovelahti, d. 1902 Parkano Linnankylä Riihimäki.
Johan Wenni Riihimäki, b. 6.1.1892 Ikaalinen Kovelahti.
Aili Anna Riihimäki, b. 31.1.1900 Parkano.


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Parkano > rippikirja, 1891-1900 > 399: Kiimasalo, Riihimäki
Parkano > rippikirja, 1901-1910 > 465: Linnankylä 1 Yli Lammi, Riihimäki

13-06-14, 06:20
Hello Kaarina!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE INFORMATION!!!! I am so excited that you have answered my query!! I didn't think that I would ever find out when my gr-grandmother died but I knew it had been close to the time that my grandmother came to America….I really appreciate that you took the time to answer and give me the information of where it came from! I am confused by your sentence "Nikodemus to my Ancestry"…..Does this mean that he is an ancestor of yours too?? If so, we are related as he was my great grandfather!! I don't know when he died either or where….There was a rumor in the family that he was a Ship Captain and came to America at one time?? I don't really know if this is true as I have never been able to find any information about it. I am so happy to meet you and hope we can keep in touch and share information about the family if we are indeed related!

Best wishes from America!

Kathy Olden Berman

15-06-14, 17:55
Saw your message right now. Yes, there is a branch that link to us, and it begins far back in the 1500's in Karvia / Kantti.

Trying to find the Nicodemus wife's ancestry, if we link there too. Or otherwise.

Nicodemus last parish register online show that he was alive, he goes to the new book page 641 (not online).

Are you on Facebook, I'm there, put my email in private to you, so you can find me on Facebook.