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12-06-14, 09:51
Hi all,

I'm trying to find the Finland connection for our branch of the Forsman family.

Here's the information that I've managed to gather so far:

Edward Forsman - b. 7 Feb 1883 in Nykarleby
d. 24 Jan 1941 in Cornell, Delta County, Michigan
Immigrated to US abt. 1902 (from 1930 Federal Census)

Parents are listed as John and Sophia Forsman of Finland in the Lakeview Cemetery records, Escanaba, MI.

First wife - Vendla Maria Osterback
b. 1888 in Finland
d. 14 May 1919 in Cornell, Michigan - Buried Lakeview Cemetery, Escanaba, MI
No Children

Second Wife - Alina Carlson
b. 1 May 1888 in Finland
d. Jan 1967 in Cornell, Michigan

Children of Edward and Alina
Ruth I. Forsman - b. 1922 d. 2013
Ralph E. Forsman - b. 1925 d. 1975

I also have found the following record from the Leading Star database:
1526 FORSMAN Edward Cornell MI 24.01.1941 Cornell, MI Nykarleby LeadingStar-1941/03

I've found one possible brother who immigrated to the US.

Johannes August Forsman - b. 9 Jun 1897 in Finland
d. 1 Oct 1976 in Cornell, Delta County, Michigan

From Johannes WWII draft registration card I've confirmed that his mother was Sophia, born in "New-Carlibi"/Nykarleby and that his father's name was John, born in "Vexilla".

I've tried to find a town in Finland that would sound similar to Vexilla, since I don't think that's an actual town name, but so far the closest I can get is possibly Jyvaskyla.

I have several possible immigration dates, but none that I feel confident are correct, so basically I've had to rely on Census data and death records so far.

I'm hoping someone can help me connect the dots to John/Johannes Forsman and his wife Sophia/Sofie who lived in Nykarleby.


Jaska Sarell
12-06-14, 12:04
The mysterious "Vexilla" is most probably Vexala, a village in Munsala parish, neighboring Nykarleby.
Unfortunately no late 19th century records online, but hopefully some researcher of Nykarleby and Munsala area reads your query and can help you.

:) Jaska

12-06-14, 23:29
The WWI Draft Registration shows John Edward Forsman, born 7.2.1883. And Institute of Migration records show Johan Edvard/Johan E. Johansson Forsman, born 1883. So I don't think Johannes August Forsman, born 9.6.1897, would be a brother.

Perhaps someone with younger eyes than myself can take a look at the attached 1881 Nykarleby Marriage Record (right page, first entry)...Johan Eriksson Forsman? and Sofia Matilda Andersdr Michelsbacka

Nykarleby Rippikirja, 1858-1870, Forsby 3, Michelsbacka: Sofia Matilda Andersdr, born 11.3.1853,

13-06-14, 00:13
Thank you so much! I have the WWI draft registration card, but was hesitant to say for sure that it was the correct John Edward simply because there were several of them living in Michigan at that time. Now I have more data which helps to confirm that I'm dealing with the right person. =)

I was hesitant to say that Johannes August was his brother too, but they are buried in the same family plot in Lakeview Cemetary and both have John and Sophia Forsman listed as their parents, which leads me to think that they must have been brothers. Johannes August (who took the name August when he naturalized) would have emigrated to the US at a much later date, and I haven't found those records yet.

Thank you again. I can't wait to go fiddle with the last two images in Photoshop in order to clear them up a bit for reading.

Here's the first image, cleaned up, resized and cropped to keep the size of the photo small enough for easy upload.

It does look like that's the correct parents for John Edward, so thank you again!

13-06-14, 15:42
Institute of Migration passenger information shows that Johan E. Forsman, age 19, departed Finland on 8.2.1902, destined for Quinnessee, MI.

1902 SS St. Louis Passenger List (line 23): Johan Forsman, age 17, going to join cousin Hilda Anderson, Quinnessee, MI. I think this is the right person, even though the age is not shown correctly.

Institute of Migration passport and passenger information shows Hilda Augusta Michelsbacka, born 1874, home parish Uusikaarlepyy (Nykarleby), departed Finland on 3.10.1900, destination Quinnessee, MI.

1900 SS Corinthian Passenger List (line 18): Hilda Michelsbacka, age 26, going to Quinnessee, MI. It appears that she had 3 traveling companions, one of whom was Lovisa Anderson, age 23, possibly a sister. My guess is that Hilda Augusta Michelsbacka is the cousin Hilda Anderson and the niece of Sofia Mathilda Andersdr Michelsbacka, who is presumed to be the mother of Johan Edvard Forsman, born 7.2.1883.

13-06-14, 16:01
Institute of Migration passport and passenger information, Hilda Sofia Forsman, born 1889, home parish Uusikaarlepyy, departed England on 22.9.1910, aboard the SS Tunisian, destination Bisbee, AZ.

1910 Passenger List (line 6): Hilda Sofia Forsman, last permanent residence Jakobstad, mother Sofia Forsman, Forsby, Nykarleby; going to Bisbee, AZ. The Jakobstad entry here could be erroneous.

Hilda Sofia could be the sister of Johan Edvard Forsman, as Johan Edvard's parents are believed to have been married at Forsby, Nykarleby, in 1881.

Also, I found a family tree on Ancestry.com, that shows Edward Forsman and Vendla M. Ostergard Johnson were married 9.5.1913, Cochise County, AZ.

Bisbee, AZ is located in Cochise County...

13-06-14, 16:13
Hilda Sofia Forsman, J. Oscar Nylund, married 3.1.1914, Bisbee, Cochise, AZ

Ancestry Family Group Sheet, Hilda Forsman, Oskar Jakob Nylund

13-06-14, 16:23
FamilySearch.org has two different entries for the marriage of Edward Forsman, born 1883, and Vendla/Vendela Johnson, born 1889, married May 1913, Bisbee, Cochise County, AZ

13-06-14, 17:51
Thank you for your hard work!

Now that you've found what appears to be John Edward's sister in Bisbee, it all makes sense. I have the marriage records and census info for Edward in Bisbee and wondered all along just why he traveled to Arizona and stayed for a period of about 4 years. He did marry his first wife in Bisbee, you are correct on that. I know that her maiden name was Ostergard and the name on the marriage cert was Johnson, so it's very possible that she was a widow at that point, but since they had no children, I"m not pursuing her for the moment.... it's enough to know that I'm filling in the timeline for John Edward...woohoo!

I"ll follow up on both HIlda Sofia as the sister and Hilda Augusta as the niece.

Oh and yes, I have the passenger lists from the St. Louis both departing Southhampton and entering the US for Johan Edward Forsman. I also believe that these are the correct records for him.

Ok, I'm off to see what I can dig up on Hilda Sofia and her niece for today.

Ever notice how fast the day flies by when you have your nose buried in a bunch of nearly illegible records? =)

14-06-14, 01:26
you're welcome... :)

15-06-14, 21:00
Ok, now that I have some of the Forsman ancestors sorted out, I'm on to the female side of the family. I have no idea if anyone can help me locate someone with so little information to go on, but here goes. =)

Edward Forsman married Alina Carlson in 1922. From census data I've gathered the following information:

Alina Carlson -
b. abt. 1888, Finland
d. 1967, Cornell, Michigan
Immigrated to US in about 1910 (from census records)

I don't know if Carlson is her maiden name or if she was married to a Carlson who died prior to 1919. I do know that, according to family stories, she moved from the east coast of the US to Michigan in about 1918-1919 in order to care for Edward Forsman's first wife, who was gravely ill.

If anyone can find information on her I'd be grateful. It's all dead ends for me at this point.