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Kaj Granlund
28-02-04, 09:36
The siblings I am looking for are these three. The information earlier on Frank E Erickson in Gardner turned out to be a mixtured between two persons with the same name in Finland. Any information of these?

Vilhelmina Andersdotter Storkull Census name Wilson ?
Born: 03-09-1870 in Dagsmark Lappfjärd Finland
Emigrated: to U.S.A.
Immigrated: from U.S.A.
Emigrated: 1899 to U.S.A.
Died: 07-05-1929 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Spouse: Johan Viktor Viktorsson Wilson (?) born Lillgäls on KNUS b. 01-12-1872 d. 17-01-1917
Married: 19-03-1894 in Gardner Massachusetts U.S.A.

Elina Andersdotter Storkull
Born: 13-02-1876 in
Emigrated: 1894 to U.S.A.
Resided: 1901 in Branford Connecticut U.S.A.
still living in 7.7.1935 in USA with children
Spouse could be : Alfred Jansson (Fred Jansson?) b. abt 1884

Frans Emil Andersson Storkull
Born: 23-07-1887 in Lappfjärd Dagsmark
Emigrated: 1906 to U.S.A tickets to Boston


28-02-04, 16:00
Here's information on #1

John Wilson, b.12.1872 Finland, married 6 yrs, imm 1893 pending naturalization
Minnie, wife, b.9.1870 Finland, 2 children both living, imm 1895
Annie A, daughter, b.2.1895 Massachusetts
Selma, daughter, b.10.1897 Finland

They were living at 47 Eastern Ave in Worcester City, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Census taken June 6, 1900.

Kaj Granlund
28-02-04, 16:32
Now I got the confirmation of her travelling many times, which I was unsure of. It also seems that this census did not take place befor they had their boychild Walter, and he is said (not confirmed either) to be born 1900. That might help me to find Walter easier. In the churchrecords the name of Anni is the strange Öni. I never found that reasonable knowing the name habits of our family.

28-02-04, 16:59
No luck with #2 or #3

28-02-04, 17:13
Walter appears in the 1910 census age 10. I checked about 5 pages and the census taker didn't record the date.

In 1900 it doesn't list Selma's immigration year but in 1910 is lists it as 1900.

Also, regarding #2 & #3, I checked Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York & Massachussets with the spellings Jansen, Janssen, Janson and Jansson and nothing showed up in my index.

Kaj Granlund
28-02-04, 20:14
What about #3 as Frank Andersson / Anderson?


28-02-04, 22:04
Hi Kaj,
I found Alfred Johannes Aspholm [Johnson] and Lena Andersson Storkull at S154, Tabor Lutheran in Branford, Ct.
The image of that membership page is attached here.
In the next post, I will attach images of them at S130, Bethany Lutheran in Cranston/Auburn, R.I.
Following that I will post images from S136, St Paul Lutheran in Warwick/Pontiac, R.I. of his son Alfred Theodor Johnson
Three images so far and finally, an image of Alfred Theodor's wife Emma.
Let's hope I get it right:)
btw, before I post this, Lena's mother was not found as a Storkull on the 1906 funeral list at Tabor so here are the names of the 6 women who had funerals at Tabor that year:
Johanna Maria Josefson, died 1-10-1906
Clara Stina Trask?, died 2-8-1906
?Alida Anderson Trask?, died 2-25-1906
Anna Lovisa Johnson, died 6-10-1906
Alisea? Hedbereg Ludbeg??, died 7-30-1906
Emkau? Klara Sofia Trask?, 8-12-1906
handwriting was a bit difficult to decipher.

28-02-04, 22:07
Here they are:


28-02-04, 22:09
Here's son Alfred Theodor Johnson and family.

28-02-04, 22:18
I chose to copy this one as well so that you would know where she came from. The ink is a bit faded but she is identified as a fosterdotter and she was born in Himaryds f. Sweden and so was her fosterfather so she must have traveled with them. He is Henrik Salomon Johanson.

The clue to being able to follow this trail was the goodness of the secretary at St. Paul's in Warwick/Pontiac, RI to write down the name of the town where Alfred Theodor was confirmed otherwise I could not have found them. Hills Grove is a town that didn't show up on the Swenson list so I had to take all of the Kent County churches and first found son Alfred Theodor at St Paul which showed his confirmation church in Auburn which led to his father so it was a fun chase:) If you would like the fotocopies, email your address to me and I will mail them next week.
And here's Emma

28-02-04, 22:25
Kaj, no I was not able to find him either. I tried alternate spellings as well. There is one possibility though in Worcester, Mass in 1910. He's the right age but shown as born in Sweden. I tried to access the actual image but their server is down. I'll try again later and see if it's working. This guy was Emil Anderson.


With Chuck's findings, I'll also try to check again for the other family.

Kaj Granlund
28-02-04, 22:30
You are wonderful!!!
I have to take some time to get everything into my mind now and to see where this leads me.


29-02-04, 00:13
It's really hard to say for sure but this Emil Anderson, 23, in Worcester, MA is living as a boarder with a Selma Granburg, 35. It does say he's born in Sweden and the immigration year is very hard to read but very well looks like it says 1906. Not sure that this helps but anyway....

29-02-04, 00:23
Here's the image from the census for Johnson.

Kaj Granlund
29-02-04, 00:32
If so, then maby the #2 had some contact with him.
I have tried to order the obituaries from Worcester for the parents last week but nothing has turned up yet. Maby I could get out something more then and find some living people that have some information about him.
I think the area could be right, but that state with about 60% from the scandinavian countries and the name Andersson is impossible.

I think I will have to leave him for a while now and try to find the others first and maby that way find him.

Do I read the census right and her name here is Elinore?

29-02-04, 00:34
Let me know if you get more information. I just went back and tried again for Rhode Island in 1910 using Anderson and Storkull and Frank/Frans/Emil. Nothing.

29-02-04, 00:38
Hi Kev,
Your census image is spot on so very nice indeed.
Edward has his second name of Leonard on the census so guess that's his favored name. Rose is Rosie on the church roll. I recall seeing Alfred Theodor listed at a church as A. Theodor so done probably to differentiate him from his father.

Looks like a trip to Worcester microfilms next week. I expect to find "Vilhelmina Andersdotter Storkull Census name Wilson" unless she and her husband didn't join a church or where somewhere else early on.


Kaj Granlund
29-02-04, 01:16
I compiled my Wilson information as far:

Wife: Vilhelmina Andersdotter Storkull Census name Mina (?) Wilson
Born: 03-09-1870 in Dagsmark Lappfjärd Finland
Emigrated: to U.S.A.
Immigrated: from U.S.A.
Emigrated: 1899 to U.S.A.
Died: 07-05-1929 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Father: Anders Konstantin Andersson Rosenblad
Mother: Karolina Erik Henriksdotter STORKULL
Husband: Johan Viktor Viktorsson Wilson earlier Lillgäls e. KNUS Census name John Wilson
Married: 19-03-1894 in Gardner Massachusetts U.S.A. (see note 1)
Born: 01-12-1872 in Lappfjärd Finland
Died: 17-01-1917 in Worcester Massachusetts, USA
Occupation: engineer for railroad
Father: Viktor Jakobsson Lillgäls
Mother: Anna Greta Henriksdotter Knus
F Child 1: Öni Vilhelmina Wilson earlier Lillgäls or Anni or Annie
Born: 03-09-1895 in Gardner Massachusets U.S.A.
Baptized: 09.02.1895 in U.S.A. (see note 3)
Died: before 1930 in U.S.A. (see note 4)
F Child 2: Selma Elina Wilson e. Knus
Born: 05-10-1897 in Lappfjärd Finland
M Child 3: Walter Wilson
Born: 1900 in
(1) letter to Finland as her mother had died in Lappfjärd.
Note 1 married by luth. pastor (in churchrecord Finland)
Note 2 1910 census, North Street, Worcester, MA
Note 3 (in churchrecord Finland) baptized by luth. pastor August J Beansung or Braunsweig
Note 4 Marked as "torde vara död" (probably dead)in churcrecord in Lappfjärd 1921-30

Kaj Granlund
01-03-04, 12:06
The obituaries arrived today:
"Wilhelmina (Andersson) Wilson 58 widow of John Victor wilson of 6 Tillbury Street died this morning (newspaper of 7 May 1929) in City Hospital. she leaves one son John W. Wilson; one daughter Selma E; wife of Leroy E Day and seven grandchildren all of worcester, one sister Lina, wife of John Johnson of Providence and one brother Frank Anderson of Norwood"

Her husband John victor Wilson, formerly of Leicester, died in Belmont Hospital yesterday (newspaper 18 jan 1919) aged 43 years and 29 days.

I think these are the important parts of the obituaries.

03-03-04, 00:56
The image is from S-125, Bethany Lutheran, also known as Swedish Finnish Lutheran.
John Wilson born in Lappfjärd
Wilhelmina ditto
Anna Wilhelmina born Gardner MA
Selma Elina born in Lappfjärd
Johan Valter born in Worcester, MA

I have saved the full pages to send to you.


03-03-04, 16:44
I have attached a census image (bad quality) of the 1930 census image for a Frank Anderson born 1887 Finland and immigrated 1906.

He appears with wife Sofia 40 b.Finland, son Arthur 18 b. Mass, daughters Anne 17 b.Mass and Grace 14 b.Mass

(Sorry, Hasse, I'm at work and don't have a photo editing software to resize the image other than Paint)

03-03-04, 16:54
Forgot to mention, I found this website outlining the history of Norwood. It also includes history during the time that Frank Anderson would have lived there. :)


03-03-04, 17:35
Originally posted by kpaavola
(Sorry, Hasse, I'm at work and don't have a photo editing software to resize the image other than Paint)

No problems Kevin! Every now and then I try to resize pictures if I see it necessary. I usually try to keep the width of the picture to max 600 pixels, otherwise there will be a need for horisontal scrolling of the window. At the same time space is saved on the server. - Diskspace is rather cheap todays, but the backup/restore in case of disk failures could get quite slow if we use too big pictures. But - as I said - no problems if you don't have the possibility to squeeze the picture.

11-03-04, 00:49
I remembered seeing the name of the pastor somewhere at Swenson so looked for it in Dr Conrad Bergendoff's book and there he was. He served Gardner, MA.


Kaj Granlund
11-03-04, 07:32
I don't understand how You mannage to get all this information. You are great.

Kaj Granlund
23-03-04, 13:41
One week ago I got an e-mail as response to two letters I wrote to this Wilson - Day family. They had been trying to find some information too, but without success. So they wanted to be in contact with us too. There have been pictures and e-mails sent from both sides this week. It is very exciting to re-find the family. Thank you all for your help. Hope I can be of help to somebody else in my turn. Menawhile I also found one 4th cousin in CA. He just "popped up" :D
I keep telling them to check this site to learn about swede finns.

Kaj Granlund
09-04-04, 23:06
Now I have been trying to find my Frans Emil Storkull. Thanks to Kev I know he lived in Norwood MA 1930, married. There is a Frank Anderson born 25 jul 1887 who died sept 1973 in Kansas city. Do you know where to get his obituary from Kansas City. seems this guy has been moving around a lot. And do not even know if this guy is the right one.

Kaj Granlund
24-04-04, 09:45
Got all the Elina Anderssdotter Storkull descendants yesterday from her granddaughter Mrs. Phyllis Cullen in Warwick R.I. Including pictures which was more than expected.
Wow. I didn't expect to find so many of the immigrants. Just one left. And well Chuck keeps finding realtives I didn't even know of with his lists