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28-07-14, 16:21
Hello everyone,

I am looking for information about Nils Sigfridsson Sipola Backe Backala and his ancestors; an explanation for the unusual triple barrelled name? And where can documentation be found about the family in the 1400's and 1500's? I have seen names on people's family trees on ancestry but I wonder where they got the information.

The line I am tracing is:
Eliina Jensina Jensdatter (Olsen) b. 27 Jan 1861 Skorpa, KvŠnangen, Troms, Norway
her mother
Elen Margrethe Johannesdatter b. 1820 Skorpa
her father
Johannes Johannessen Koller b. 1789-1867
his mother
Marit Johannesdatter
her father
Johannes Johannessen
his father
Johannes Andersson Tornensis
his father
Anders Nicolai Tornensis
his father
Nicolaus Nicolai Ulopolitanus
his father
Nils Sigfridsson Sipola Backe Backala
And so on...

If anyone has any tips I would be very grateful!
Best wishes,

30-07-14, 10:51

Perhaps, their descendants have the answer.

June Pelo
30-07-14, 13:49
I have an Olof Sigfridsson Backe-Backala-Sipola, b. ca 1585, Storby, Karleby, Finland, who may be the brother of the Nils Sigfridsson in your query. Olof's father was Sigfrid Olofsson Backe-Backala-Sipola, b. ca 1550, Storby, Karleby. He was son of Olof Nilsson, b. ca 1530, who was the son of Nils Olofsson Backe-Backala, b. ca 1495. The hyphenated names would indicate that the family name originally was Backe and then they either moved to a place called Backala, or the Backe became Backala, and then when they moved to Sipola farm in Storby, they added Sipola. Perhaps if you could find a copy of the book of Karleby History, there would be more information.

11-08-14, 11:50
Thank you! I will check it out :)