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K-G Molander
29-07-14, 19:47

What date is "D:ca Quing" as found in below birth record:

Born / Christened 0.0.1690 Village / Farm Efjerfwi
Father Jöran Anderss. Kuijwilein
Child Maria
Original comment KASKOMM: D:ca Quing.

Thank You

Jaska Sarell
29-07-14, 20:18
Should have been Quinq. = Quinquagesima (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunday_before_Lent)
In 1690 that was on 2 March.
Reference: http://almanakka.helsinki.fi/fi/arkisto/yliopiston-almanakka-1608-1999/1600-luvun-almanakat.html

:) Jaska