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01-08-14, 22:04
Hello everyone-
I'm trying to help an older gentleman from California named Chris Aho find out where his paternal side family came from in Finland, but his family does not have much more information than I have been able to find in US records. His great-grandfather, Erick Kalli Aho came from Finland in about 1883, probably with his wife Margaret, and settled in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan. I've listed below what meager information we do have--can anyone suggest how to proceed with finding their 'roots' in Finland?
A. Great-Great-Grandfather: Kristian K Aho(Kiviaho? see Note below), Finland; named in Erick K Aho’s Michigan Deaths and Burials Index 1868-1995 record, Ancestry.com. No record of immigration, so he probably stayed in Finland.

B. Great-Grandfather: Erick Kalli Aho, b. 27 Jul 1855 in Finland; died 23 Mar 1902 in a mining dynamite explosion in Hancock Twp, Houghton, Michigan, USA. Resided in “Swede Town” section of Calumet, Houghton, Michigan.
Death Certificate image: http://seekingmichigan.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p129401coll7/id/201196/rec/3

B. Great-Grandmother: Margreta (Margreta Katherine?) Martti, b. Jan 1862 in Finland; died Aft. Apr 1930, probably in Michigan, USA; also listed in U.S. census&birth records as: Greta, Kate, Maggie.
Margreta's maiden name is taken from one of their children’s death certificates: http://seekingmichigan.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p129401coll7/id/626844/rec/1

Married: Abt 1882/3 (from 1900 US Census)--not clear whether in Finland or the US.
Immigrated: Abt 1883 (from 1900 US Census)

1. C. John Christ Aho, b. 15 Jun 1884 in Allouez, Keweenaw, Michigan
married Hanna Wiitala 23 Apr 1910 in Calumet, Houghton. MI; https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-267-11833-42763-11?cc=1452395
D. son: Chris John Aho, b. 15 Feb 1912 Calumet, Houghton, MI
E. grandson: Chris John Aho, b. Butte, Montana

2. William Axel Aho, born 24 Mar 1888 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
3. Mary Aho, born Jun 1889 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
4. Margaret Mary Aho, born 04 Jul 1890 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
5. Eino Richard Aho, born 27 Mar 1892 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
6. Emil Aho, born 12 Oct 1893 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
7. Lempi Katherine Aho, born 25 May 1895 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
8. Margaret (Maggie) Aho, born Abt. Apr 1897 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
9. Lillian (Senia) Aho59, born May 1898 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
10. Ricca Aho, born 10 Jul 1900 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
11. Edwin Aho, born Abt. 1901 in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan

NOTES: Per family lore, Chris' great-grandparents were Laplanders, and it is believed that their surname was shortened from Kiviaho to Aho, probably during immigration (but not sure). As I'm sure you most of you already know, family lore is often only partially correct. The challenge is to determine which part..

Any help would be appreciated,
Bill Sandve
Austin, Texas, USA

11-11-15, 14:15
An update to my search:
Some gracious helpers in Finland have found the surname, birthplace, and family of Erick Aho for me. His surname was Kalliaiasenaho. Erkki Kristerspoika Kalliaisenaho was born 27 May 1855 in Salla,Tenniö, Lappland. He lived at Kalliaisenaho nr 12. His father was Kristian Sigfred/Krister Siponpoika Riekki s.1821 and his mother was Anna Kreeta Matintytär Niskala, s.1823. Also at least one each of Erick`s brothers and sisters moved to the USA (Salla RK.1881-1890 page 166; one sister was apparently was married in the US), but I have not found either of them in the US records yet. His father was Krister Sigfred/Siponpoika Riekki s.1821 and mother Anna Kreeta Matintytär Niskala.
Now, I'm still trying to find the birthplace and family of his wife Margaret Martti Aho.

25-12-15, 01:31
Another update:
I finally found a marriage record for Eric Kallaisenaho (mispelled Kallivisenaho in that record), age 27, and Greta Stina Nousu, age 21, in Houghton, Michigan on 12 Aug 1883, entry #125 at weblink below.

Also, entry #124 just above it, lists the marriage of Eric's sister Maria Susanna Kalliaisenaho to Olof Atzinge (actual name: Olli Juhonspoika Aatsinki) on the same day, so its likely that Eric, his sister, Olof, and perhaps his bride-to-be came to America together sometime just before that, since the Salla RK ( Salla > Communion Book, 1881-1890 > 166: nro 12, Kalliaisenaho) records indicated that Eric and his sister came to America in 1883.

30-12-15, 16:11
A possibility for "Margaret Martti Aho"...

The 1897 MI Certificate of Death for Maggie Aho, identifies her parents as Erick Aho and Maggie Martti...

The 1893 MI Marriage Record Index shows Erick Christianson Kallivisenaho and Greta Stina Nousu married 12.8.1883...

Sodankylä Communion Book, 1891-1900, Keminkylä 4, Marttila: Greta Stina Nousu, born 14.8.1861, Sodankylä...in Amerika...

Shown in the previous Sodankylä Communion Book with parents and siblings...but with a birthdate of 24.8.1861...

Greta Stina, born 24.8.1861, Sodankylä: http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/sodankyla/syntyneet_1849-1887_mko1-8/57.htm

Sodankylä Communion Book, 1872-1881, Nousu: http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/sodankyla/rippikirja_1859-1881_ik369-370/221.htm

30-12-15, 16:22
Sodankylä Communion Book, 1882-1891, Kemikylä 4, Marttila: Kreeta Stina Nousu to Amerika 1883...the last communion marking shown for her was 26.3.1883...

31-12-15, 14:50
I think you've found the right person. Maybe Margaret/gGreta called herself Martti because of her last residence in Finland before emigrating, Marttila (?). Her birth date information does not match the month-yr listed for her in the 1900 US Census, but those census entries are often wrong--the birth year for husband Erick was wrong there too. One of the witnesses in their marriage record was named Jaakkola, and Greta's father's family came from a farm named Jaakola in earlier generations--maybe she came to America and stayed initially with a cousin. The only primary source that I know of that's left to verify would be her death certificate, but I have not found when she died in Michigan yet--only that it was sometime after 1940, and probably in Calumet.

thanks for your help.

31-12-15, 18:12
The birth date does not match that shown in the 1900 US Census...but it does agree with the age shown for Greta Stina Nousu on the 1883 MI Marriage Record Index (21)

You're welcome...

Happy New Year...

29-02-16, 14:50
A final entry to this posting - I've now found a death index listing and actual certificate image for Margaret (Greta Stina) Nousu Martti, wife of Erick Aho, under the name "Mrs Kriita Aho" in Ancestry.com's Michigan, Death Records, 1867-1950, with the following detail: Name - Mrs Kriita Aho, Age -78, Marital Status - Widowed, Birth Date -Sep 1863, Finland; Death Date - 20 Dec 1941, Death Place - Calumet, Houghton, Michigan, USA. The birth date shown does not exactly match her Finnish parish birth records which is not unusual even in death certificates, but I'm confident that this is the right person.