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June Pelo
02-09-14, 23:48
Finland is considering a switch to e-textbooks. It would lower the cost of attending upper secondary by up to half. High school students could save up to 1,000 euros during their high school years, even though it would mean that all students would need a computer.

High-rises will soon change the Helsinki skyline. A construction company is building a center of services and residential buildings in Kalasatama in eastern Helsinki. The first high-rise will be finished in 2018 and the rest of the towers should be completed by 2022.

The Interior Minister is looking toward tightening Finland's criteria for awarding dual citizenship, or may even overturn the practice. The move is understood to be linked to a sharp rise in the numbers of Russians granted citizenship in Finland in recent years. About 60,000 people have dual citizenship, of whom a third are Russian nationals... last year 2,103 Russian were granted Finnish citizenship. The second largest group was Somali nationals, with 814 applications.

Finland will issue an anti-bullying postage stamp in October as an incentive for youths to stop bullying. Four different stamps were created by Janne Korsumäki featuring the Dudesons, known for their riotous humor.

Finnish Muslims in the Uusimaa region have been searching for an area that could be used for a cemetery to bury their dead. They have submitted inquiries to 16 cities and towns, but these bids have been unsuccessful. There are between 40,000 to 45,000 Muslims in Finland.

People are living longer in Finland. Last year there were 706 people aged 100 or more. There were enough people over age 90 to make up a small town of about 50,000.

Finnish-American Reporter, September 2014