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Ingemar Ekman
04-09-14, 09:39
My friend Jerker Örjans is working on a book about the Mariehamn apartment house in which his mother invested 1955. In the same issue of Ålandstidningen where he finds an article about the house being built he also finds a short news item on Ålanders in Stockholm (in 1956). It says that 400 Ålanders came together in the Bromma Hall. In his book he would like to compare the emigration to Sweden in the 1950ies to the emigration to America in the 1920ies. Algot Johansson, later to become the foremost entrepreneur I Åland, makes in 1924 entries in his diary saying that more than 300 Ålanders came together when the “Ålandsklubben” had its dances. Now Jerker wonders in which hall these dances took place. There is information available on where “Föreningen Åland” met for its monthly meetings, but where did it arrange its dances?

Ingemar Ekman
26-11-14, 11:34
I found this information on page 78 in the book " Finlandssvenskar i Amerika " by Anders Myhrman from year 1972, and translate an extract in English:
"The Åland Society moved 1922 to Mannichor Hall on the 16th street and in the end of 1924 the society had 279 members....."
Our question: Had this Mannichor Hall possibility to arrange dancing for more than 300 that came together?

June Pelo
26-11-14, 16:05

Erik Hermans, former editor of Norden news, would have known all about the Åland Society.. I remember seeing references to it in his paper.. but sadly, Erik has died, and I don't have an old edition of the paper to get an address. But Erik Nix knew Erik Hermans and knows all about Scandinavian activities in New York. Why don't you try to contact him at eriknix%40aol.com to see if he can suggest something. And you can write in Swedish, if you wish.

Ingemar Ekman
26-11-14, 18:24
Thank you June, I have forwarded your message to Jerker in Mariehamn / Ingemar