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29-02-04, 07:15
Looking for antecendents of Wendla Sofia Marins who possibly left for Seattle WA on 9 May 1914. (Mig Inst) She was born 1884 we think in Vasa. She married Backman in Alaska.

Some of the material we find on Internet doesn't gibe with family stories, ie that she was only 16 when she decided to go to America. She was given the name Johnson when she entered America. Her husband August Nestor Backman was also born in Vasa, we think in 1893, and died in Seattle WA in 1942. Death date is for sure.

Does anyone have connections with this family?

29-02-04, 12:31
Wendla Sofia Marins was born 1888, Nov. 13 in Sundom, Solf. According to my notes she married August Backman from Voitby, Korsholm, after her arrival in USA.
Family names among her ancestors: Marins and Martin in Sundom, Bjons in Vörå, Mylläri from Teuva, Nordman and Köping in Malax (descendant of Daniel Kiöping’s daughter Margareta).
Do you know anything about her brothers Johannes, born 1879, and August Marins, born 1884, (left in 1902 and 1903) and her sister Anna Elisabet, born 1890, died 28 Jan. 1925 in USA, who married Erik Robert Englund-Wicks, born 1885 in Solf, died 15 July 1953 in USA?
Her brother Arvid Marins, born 1896, died in Canada 22 Dec. 1975.
Wendla Sofia had three sisters who were married and lived in Sundom.

29-02-04, 22:50
Thanks Ulla!
I forwarded your posting to Chris Backman, the grandson of August and Vendla, who is about my age! They don't know much about the family in Finland, but are interested. They have been members of SFHS in the past.
I looked in Talko but didn't spot any of this material, either. What a boon the shared genealogies are, and the generosity of you with collections out there!