View Full Version : Name day traditions in Swedish-speaking Finland

09-09-14, 21:45
Does anyone have a website URL where the Swedish-speaking tradition is clarified. I would especially like a list of names for each date in the year.

Karen Norwillo
13-09-14, 22:47
Try this one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_days_in_Sweden

13-09-14, 23:07
Thanks so much! I've appreciated and utilized your info in the genealogy how to on Finlander! I began with Wiki and decided that Swedish Finland name days might be different. So some responses from Finland have been helpful. The links will go into the next SFHS newsletter. Did you receive you copy? A copy of errors :( June Pelo rec'd her award 2007 rather then 1907 [finger slip there]. And the Brinken museum link in their photo doesn't work, but their link on the page of links to open air museums in Swedish Ostrobothnia works.

Jaska Sarell
13-09-14, 23:31
Here's one approach for name days: http://www.webcal.fi/sv-FI/namnsdagar.php

:) Jaska

14-09-14, 00:25
Yes, you are the second person to recommend that URL. It's terrific! Will be one of the 4 options on the page we will link to via the next SFHS newsletter. Thanks!