View Full Version : Where to buy a "vimpel"

Carolyn Nelson
24-09-14, 20:56
Have a request from a friend living in the US wanting to purchase a Finland "vimpel" and wondering where to buy one.
I am actually in Jakobstad now and think I can find them... but wishing we could buy online from the US.
Also I understand that the Swedish-Finn one is the red and yellow, and for the Finnish-speaking people there are different colors depending on where a person is from... is that right?

25-09-14, 07:37
You should find them in almost any hardware store in Finland. I doubt that they can be bought online. The yellow and red is for the Swedish-speaking Ostrobotnia. Here you can see the different pennants (unfortunately only in Finnish) http://www.flagmore.com/fi/index.php?id=114.
The length of the pennant should be half of the length of the pole.