View Full Version : Karl Johan Karlstedt/Carl Carson?

29-09-14, 11:35
hi again! Looking for an obit or census or anything that can be found on Karl Johan Karlsson Karlstedt born 6.6.1883 in Pensala Finland -drowned 1943 in USA , probably Seattle area WA. Brother of Gustav Carson who lived in Spokane. Parents: Karl Johan Mattsson Karlstedt 8.1.1856-1900.
&Maria Johansdotter Karf 1851-1931.

The living relatives of Gustav donīt know anything about Carl so it would be most exciting to find out if he was married and had children.

have a great day all researchers! =)

Karen Norwillo
29-09-14, 19:17
Here is information from Find-A-Grave. It looks like he was single. Does not mention brother Gustav.

30-09-14, 08:41
Thanks! Sorry..didnīt look there..I usually do.. Iīll ask for a photo there =)

07-11-14, 11:38
Found him..his grave doesnīt exist any more..sadly.. =( But "problem solved"..