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June Pelo
30-09-14, 20:58
The October 2014 issue of FAR has the following query. If anyone can help her, please contact her directly:

I'm trying to trace my grandmother's brother and sister's families who immigrated to Michigan in the early 1900s. They came from Lapua. They are:
Antti Halmes, moved 1904
Anna Sofia Halmes, moved 1904
Iida Justiina Hames, moved 1909
Johu Kustaa Halmes, moved 1904; he apparently died in 1906 after he moved.
My grandmother Liisa Halmes, moved in 1905.

I also have a list of some names that I think are children:
Olavi Johannes Halmes, moved 1913
Helmi Susanna Halmes, moved 1914, died 1932.
Aino Maria Halmes, moved 1914

Would anyone have information about any of these people? I would be grateful and hope to meet some long-lost relatives.

Audrey Johnston Harris
Box 144
Conquest, SK S01, 0I. 0I0

Ed Koski
01-10-14, 03:36
Ms: Harris
People who do this thing - " finding lost Lambs" need a very Important Number - "Date of Birth".....
I'm a 30 year Novice in this Hobby of finding MY Lambs ... May I suggest you alter the Spelling of your Lapua, Finland name to - " Halme ".... We are then .... almost related !!!! BUT - NOT. - just neighbours.
I spelled that in the Canadian version as I have lived in Saskabush... and I also have been to Lapua many times.

I found an - Antti Halme in my Records - but I need a Birth Date to assist YOU further...
As YOU gave no Birth Dates .... I stopped looking except to say - "I think I can help you".......

My Family is from next door and I have many Books on our History & Genealogy back to 1600....
You can contact me here in Toronto, Ont. Canada..
e.mail = < ed.koski%40sympatico.ca >

and I will try and assist you in any way that I can; before my next trip, to your area there next July / August 2015.

best regards

Ed Koski

June Pelo
01-10-14, 03:47

I copied the query out of the Finnish American Reporter newspaper where she had submitted it. .. and as far as I know Ms. Harris doesn't belong to Finlander Forum.. so she won't see your reply.. But I'm sure she'll be happy to hear from you. Can you copy it and send it to her address in the query: ga.harris%40sasktel.net