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01-03-04, 05:16
There is a huge collection on one family for sale on Ebay. Some sound FinnSwede so passing on the link.
Here is part of the listing:

.BRYANS (1ST Generation) 1977

2.BRYANS and BACKMAN (2nd Generation)



5. BACKMAN – WORGREN – LILLKULL- LUND (5TH Generation – from Finland)

6. PYTAR –(1834) INGO- (1834) WORGREN- (1820) KALAX- (1823) – LULLKULL (1833) – HAXELL – (1838) - LUND – (1840) – KLEMETS (1844) – (6TH Generation – Finland – includes birth dates) Looks like from Lappfjard, Finland)

7. MATTFOLK (1798) – LILLKULL (1804) – HAXELL (1804) – BJORMANS (1809) (7TH Generation – Lappfjard – Finland) 8th and 9th generations – a lot of the same last names……

TO the 10th Generation – Johan Persson LILLKULL born 1718 Finland – KLEMETS born 1725 Finland – FINNE born 1718 Finland – SEBBAS born 1717

BACKMAN Served in WWII on the U.S.S. SALT LAKE CITY – PEARL HARBOR and there is a full box of personal letters / and love letters to his wife from the ship

01-03-04, 07:09
Hi Alicia,
Yes, the forefathers are definitely Swedish Finn and thank you. Someone mailed through <sfhs.eget.net> a heads up so I went directly to the seller, and explained the Socieyt's interest in the collection. Unfortunately a Jack Benny signature (letter) is included, and I believe that's what is driving the price up.


Kaj Granlund
01-03-04, 20:55
I recognized some of the families as part of my own family, pictures taken close to my grandma's so I phoned some very close relatives in Lappfjδrd. They immediatly recognized this material as collected by the son of his aunt at the end of 1980.

01-03-04, 21:01
Hi Kaj,
There has been much email generated on that Ebay item. Some are horrified that it was put on there. I think a family member should email the seller. Read what she wrote about it on the link.
I can't justify spending that much myself as I have no surnames among them. Besides that, I just conned my husband into putting in two new bathrooms.

01-03-04, 21:08
Seems like the seller is interested in it falling into the right hands:

"First of all I would prefer that this goes to the rightful families – My hope is that I receive emails from the families so that we can discuss how this can and will be returned."


"I have not added a RESERVE, BUT I reserve the right to cancel this auction and return this to the rightful heirs - please contact me with any questions - I will be more than happy to answer."

You may have to create a user id on Ebay in order to contact the seller. The company name is "OceanSide Collectables and Stuff" It might be worthwhile to register just to contact them.

Kaj Granlund
01-03-04, 21:55
My cousin was interested to have this material back to the family. I did register and emailed the seller about him and also asked my cousin to take contact. I hope they will get help with the language. I also told them about the SFHS interest so let's hope this material can find the way back to the family and they can give copies to SFHS.
The collector of the material had some children. Strange they did not take care of it.

01-03-04, 22:00
Often, family members are not interested in their heritage. It is one of those concepts that those of us who are addicts don't understand. :(

Kaj Granlund
01-03-04, 22:01

Kaj Granlund
01-03-04, 22:43
Just got an email from the seller that told me she will be happy to return the material to the family, and that she had sent an email to them to discuss the further arrangements. Hope this will succeed.:)

01-03-04, 22:53
Dear Kaj,

Good job!!
Please email the seller on the eBay site with that information. He says he actually is seeking to get the material back in the hands of the family. If you can find the name and number of a live person to contact in the US, I would be glad to make the long distance call. The seller claims he would take the items off the eBay listing if there is a true family claimant for the material. We only have until next Sunday, March 7 I believe.

Actually you are probably the person to care for the material. I believe that way it would eventually be accessible on Finlander through you, no? If there is a charge for the material, please let me know. Perhaps SFHS can afford whatever the owner is charging.


01-03-04, 22:55
Please ignore part of the previous email. You already had accomplished much of my comment!

01-03-04, 22:55
Hurrah! That is the best news that I have heard since my son team won first place in
the baskeball tournament on my birthday yesterday! :o)
I now wonder if she wants a price for them...... Keep us updated.

Tracy Boeldt
01-03-04, 23:14
This is good news and Happy belated birthday to you!

Kaj Granlund
02-03-04, 08:05
Now let me ask.
IF this goes well, do you want me to ask the family here to let you copy and scan this material before it is shipped back to Finland? Then they (maby with my help) can contact the seller and give permisson to him to give it to SFHS for some time. probably we have to settle that time. And you can send it to Finland after the work is done, and give a statement to the seller that You sent all of the orginal material to the family. I think something like that will be necessary.
I think shipping the orginals to Finland and then the copies back is rather unpractical.

Wouldn't that kind of arrangement be the best ? But it is up to the seller and the family. (But I think the family won't be difficult)

02-03-04, 17:59
Hi Kaj,
Yes, if the sheller is willing to mail it up to Seattle to SFHS, then the staff would copy the materials and mail it all on to the family. Or hand carry it, if all the work can be done before one of the staff travels to Finland.

Has the seller mentioned the price? How can he turn down US$255?


Kaj Granlund
02-03-04, 19:02
HI Syrene
Late yesterday (late to us) we got the e-mail to work to the family (some missunderstanding with the address) so I think the seller did not get in contact with them yesterday. But he sent them a message which shows he really wants this material to come to the family.
I emailed the family today to ask them, but have had no message yet. If I do not get any information from them until tomorrow evening I will phone them. But the wife is very interested in the history och their families so I think she won't let that material disappear from them. I think they need some of their children to help them with the language and that makes it a bit slow.
But I will keep You informed.

Kaj Granlund
03-03-04, 08:14
Last information:
My cousin has called for a familymeeting to day to discuss this with some others ( one is even more closly related than the person I called!!!). Their daughter is now taking care of the contacts with the seller, and she will keep me informed. And they will do everything they can to have this back.

03-03-04, 18:13
I surely hope they achieve this. What a huge effort in research to go to an auction. Thanks for all your work.

Kaj Granlund
03-03-04, 21:11
Some minutes ago I got a message and everything seems to go in the right direction.
The daughter in the family I called was the one who helped the collector with the translations as he visited Finland! And she is now doing the discussions!

They are also willing to discuss the possibilities for SFHS to have copies and scans if they get it. Syrene is now taking care of that contact.

Kaj Granlund
05-03-04, 13:43
Noticed that the seller has ended the listing earlier There is a time-out at the moment.

07-03-04, 02:06
Kay - I think the seller has put it back on the market and this is what is written as part of the description:

"I want to THANK Everyone for understanding why I pulled the auction the first time after a few days on ebay, I wanted to give the family an opportunity to work with me on this collection and did it in good faith. Ihave been in contact with the family in Finland and have not been able to negotiate a price nor have they answered my emails, so I decide to sell this collection on the open market. Please contact me with any questions,
or if you want to know the reserve price- I will be more than happy to answer."

Well, Kaj, I hope the family in Finland is going to work fast on this.


Kaj Granlund
07-03-04, 15:29
Got contact with the family late sunday afternoon (in Finland)
I got a copy of the sellers email earlier and he indicated he wanted a 4 digit sum. That + shipping grew too expensive for the family. The one letter (attractive to autographcollectors) obviously was the reason for the demanded price. They were really disappointed but felt they had no possibility to continue.

Maby we have to think now if SFHS has any possibility to raise that money (and sell that letter to get some of the money?!)

07-03-04, 21:08
That ebay seller had the option of culling out the Jack Benny signature letter plus the military covers [cover is a postmarked envelope] because they will generate money in the open market while the genealogy of that particular family remains the interest of that fam.

I don't have much respect for the seller's business ethic. They sounded good in the first ebay listing but now I suppose we see their true character?

Who knows, maybe the buyer will come to terms with the sfhs or family? I would suggest keeping tabs on who buys and then send them a query on the strictly genealogy materials. Unless he is family, it will not interest him as would the signature and military covers so worth trying that route. Just watch and see who finally buys online.