View Full Version : Elias Palm b. 22/06-1799 in Sweden and wife Britha Chr. Berg b. 1802 in Åbo

25-10-14, 18:47
Does anyone have this married couple in their family tree? I want to find more about Britha Chr. Berg (my great-greatgrandmother). Have found 2 Brita Stina/Chr. but not with last name as Berg. Both born in Åbo distrikt and in 1802. But which might the right one? Have they moved and changed their last name?

1. Britha Stina b. 21/1-1802 at Wämäla (Koski T1) Father Jacob Mattsson, mother: Walborg Mårtensdtr.
2. Brita Stina b. 7/1-1802 (Åbo slottsförs - Turun linnan srk). Father: Gabiel Simonlin, mother: Brita Stina Melin

I hope someone can help and I can find new members of my family in Finland

Thank you