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K-G Molander
27-10-14, 19:00

Johan Jöransson
born: abt 1680 Pulckinen, Vetil, Finland
Married : 11 Nov 1700 Vetil to Carin Mattsdotter Alaspä
Died: ?

(I have no data for wife Carin Mattsdotter Alaspä)

Children found in Vetil:
Maria Johansdotter Pulckinen born 4 Aug 1701 Vetil
Anders Johansson born Sep 1708 Vetil (Granö, Kronoby) ?

Granö is found in Terjärv.

It is interesting that for birth of Ander, that the record in Vetil say "Kronoby, Granö.

I find the same parents name in Terjärv communion books:
1708 - 1732 page 30, Granö ..... mother Marg. Andersdotter
1732 - 1738 page 23, Granö
1739 - 1746 page 37, Granö

My question is: Are these two families the same? That is, would Johan Jöransson and Carin Mattsdotter found on Granö Terjäv be married in Vetil on 11 Nov 1700.

Another way to ask: Did Johan Jöransson Pulckinen and Carin Mattsdotter Alaspä move to Granö Terjärv?

I hope my question isn't too confusing.

Jaska Sarell
27-10-14, 20:58
That doesn't quite fit with marriage, since Johan Jöransson Granö (Skullbacka) has daughter Maria b. 3 Apr 1700, then Lisa 15 Jun 1702, etc.

:) Jaska

K-G Molander
28-10-14, 05:05

Thanks Jaska, but how do I then understand Anders Johansson born Sep 1708 Vetil (Granö, Kronoby) ?

Why then is he written to be born on Granö ?

Thanks for your thoughts

Jaska Sarell
28-10-14, 10:19
Anders Johansson Granö, born 7 Sep 1708 and christened 8 Sep, seems to be recorded both in Vetil and Terjärv.
Vetil record (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=8249061) does not list godparents and has NB (nota bene) in the beginning.
Terjärv record (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=7122351) lists godparents, including Vetil chaplain Elias Forselius and his wife Carin Mullovia.
HisKi Terjärv has incorrect christening date - it should be the same 8th September.
I would think that mother was visiting Vetil, when Anders was born, and official record was made in home parish Terjärv, but noted also in Vetil records.
Not very clear images :confused:

:) Jaska

K-G Molander
28-10-14, 15:17

Thanks Jaska.
That means Anders belong to Granö family and not Johan Jöransson Pulckinen family in Vetil.