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28-10-14, 16:14

I am researching my ancestors in Finland and can not find anything previous to their immigration records.
My GGF, BJÖRKLUND, Anders Johansson, b. 20 Sep 1858, Karleby, Finland To USA June 1887 to Brainerd, MN.
(US records have his birth in October 1858)

My GGM, NYBACKA (Björklund) Johanna Mattsdotter, b. 29 Sep 1858, Karleby, Finland To USA May 1892 to Duluth, MN.

My GF, BJÖRKLUND, Anders Viktor Andersson, b. 7 Oct 1885, Karleby, Finland To USA May 1892 to Duluth, MN.

My G Uncle, BJÖRKLUND, Otto Andersson, b. 18 Jul 1887, Karleby, Finland To USA May 1892 to Duluth, MN.

The MN census of 1895 has them settled in Blowers township in Otter Tail county with 3 additional children, Arred, Hilda and Ida. They appear in subsequent US census records as well.

So, I am looking for birth records, marriage records, any history of their lives in Finland.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

Laura Bjorklund

K-G Molander
29-10-14, 02:17

Found this birth record in Karleby:

Born / Christened 20.9.1858 21.9.1858
Village / Farm
Father Bysmed. Joh. Joh.s. Björk
Mother Maria 25
Child Anders

I did not find Johanna Mattsdotter

29-10-14, 02:32
here is Anders' Karleby birth record (right page, last name) http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=18130&pnum=174

29-10-14, 02:43
no Johanna Mattsdr born 29.9.1858, Karleby...but a Johanna Mathilda Andersdr born on that date...also Brita Johanna http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=18130&pnum=175

29-10-14, 03:36
Anders shown here in Karleby Rippikirja 1852-1858 with parents Johan Johansson Björk and Maria Ericsdr Blick; also brother Johannes (first grouping of names). The first two names are those of Johan's parents (Anders grandparents)

29-10-14, 03:54
Karleby Rippikirja 1866-1872

29-10-14, 04:53
Karleby Rippikirja 1885-1891...Here Anders Johansson has the name Björklund. His wife Johanna Mattsdr Nybacka was born in Kelviå...the year shown here is 1858 but the previous page shows 29.9.1853, which is her correct birth date. Notes in the next to last column show that Anders went to America in 1887...wife Johanna followed with the children in 1992.

29-10-14, 05:04
two more pages from Karleby Rippikirja...

29-10-14, 05:09
Anders Johansson Björklund and Johanna Mattsdr Nybacka married 28.6.1885 Karleby

29-10-14, 05:22
Karleby birth records for Anders Victor and Otto

29-10-14, 05:40
Johanna Mattsdr Nybacka shown here in Kelviå Rippikirja with mother Sofia Johansdr and siblings. Her father Matts is not shown so he must have died; as Sofia is first shown as a widow and then as the husband of Carl Johansson. Also, Sofia Johansdr was not the mother of Johan and Carl, born 1847 and 1849 respectively...HisKi shows their mother to be Johanna Ericsdr, married to Matts Abramsson Nybacka, 21.3.1846, Kelviå. The widower Matts Abramsson Nybacka married Sofia Johansdr Harjakoski 12.10.1850, Kelviå.