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June Pelo
09-11-14, 19:12
The Board of Directors of Norden News has decided to join the Finnish-Swedish monthly publication Est Elle, printed in Vasa. The new name of the monthly publication is Est Elle & Norden USA and the first number will be issued on 6th of November 2014.

The newspaper Norden can reach many new readers in Finland and we can provide our subscribers interesting articles about current trends in Finland in culture, design, gastronomy and wellness. Est Elle also reaches Finland-Swedish readers in the US and the Nordic countries and will be offering articles about the Finland-Swedish profiles in the US, lifestyle articles and current issues in the Finnish-American community. We can continue to build bridges between Finland and the US, which has always been the the goal of Norden newspaper.

The newspaper Norden's longstanding editor in chief Erik Rune Hermans, who passed away August 1, 2014, dedicated 52 years of his life to the Nordic countries and managed to keep the small Norden alive when most other Finnish newspapers in the United States had to give up. He was a Finland-Swedish culture fighter, and it is not possible in today's hectic New York City to find a replacement for Erik Rune.

The newspaper Norden was founded 117 years ago in 1897 and has subscribers in different parts of the United States, Canada and Finland and a few subscribers in other countries. Norden News, Inc., which operates the newspaper Norden is an American company, active in New York. The Company will continue to be active with all current Norden subscribers and new subscribers in the United States operated by Norden News Inc.

Board members of Norden News Inc. for the year 2015, elected Ann Christine Westerlund as Chairman, John Wenman, vice president, Dorothy Grannas, Eric Nix, Tor Sundlin and Gustaf Westerhollm.

Est Elle was founded in 2012 and has subscribers in Swedish Finland and Sweden and other European countries. The publication Est Elle is owned by Chief Editor Margitha Sundström.

Christmas greetings this year as in previous years will be handled by Eric Nix and Dorothy Grannas. We hope you will support the Norden USA with a Christmas ad. Please contact Erik Nix eriknix%40aol.com and tel 1-203-259-2132. Deadline is 11.20.2014.

Norden subscription for 2014 covers November, December and January issues of Est Elle & Norden USA.

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