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Tracy Boeldt
02-03-04, 18:10
Hi all,
I was wondering (and I know it was talked about in the old email list) about updating information at the parishes. I had recently received some info from the Pargas parish and led to contact with new living relatives. My talks with my cousin has led me to info that wasn't on the Ämbetsbevis (4 people were missing from this). My question is should I tell the parish of the missing people?


Kaj Granlund
02-03-04, 22:39
HI Tracy
As one who is in charge of the parishrecords in our parish I can say this:

1) parishrecords are either for one parish or for many parishes together in an area. And a parish office is just allowed to give information from the time a person was living in this particular parish
2) nowadays these records are in cooperation with the state in the sense they give us births of children to parents that are parishmembers, movals and deaths of members. We serve them with information about baptizms, confirmation (until 1 oct this year) and weddings. we are now dependent of the information in the state database.
3) The problem is that the state didn't take the information about dead parents and children that had moved from the parish as we had to give the baseinformation at the beginning of 1970 to the state. This causes the problem that a person that has moved back to the parish will not be linked to his/her family. The same for people that married before abt 1974, they are not linked to their parents. We have this information in our own manual records but the online is the one used.
4) This new system should work, and the states says it does. But often from our point of view it does not, due to these missing links.

5) If I got the information to my parish I would see if it is possible to link these persons again. I know the software sometimes causes problems with this.

My advice is DO INFORM THE PARISH, then it is up to them to check if they can do anything about it.

There can also be the problem that the former officeworker has retired and the young ones trust the computers to much.

The % of wrong/missing information has been investigated and earlier the parishes had the persent at about 1% and the state accepts 4%. So You might understand this new system sometimes causes problems to us.

Tracy Boeldt
03-03-04, 02:05
Thank you Kaj for your response. I think that I was lucky enough to have correspondance with my cousin, because I would of never known that had more relatives on this branch. The missing people didn't move away from the parish and they were born there, but were not list on the Ämbetsbevis. So, I think that I will take your advice and update the parish on these relatives.

Thanks again,