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22-11-14, 23:23
My mother, who was very proud of her Finnish heritage, repeated bits of stories about Finland told to her by her mother who immigrated to America as a young unmarried woman in 1902. One of those bits of family history was a succinct report that my great grandfather somehow "lost" the family farm in Laitila, which appears to have been in my grandmother's family for several generations spanning about 200 years. I believe the attached document may tell at least part of the story of that loss.
I am posting the document, which I found in the Digital Archives of the National Archives of Finland (digi.narc.fi), in the hopes that someone can kindly help with a translation. It is in Finnish, refers to Siuru farm in Soukais and appears to be dated 1899. Henrik Robert Matinpoika was my great grandfather. I am grateful for help in extracting any information from it at all.
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