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June Pelo
25-11-14, 21:06
The other day I was contacted by a woman who was researching the Kaustinen family... she had found some data with my name, as well as that of Kevin Paavola and David Saari. It was dated about 15 years ago, and that reminded me of Finngen when I worked with David and Kevin on the Kaustinen family research. She wanted me to verify that the data was correct... and of course it was... it originally came from Hasse Krokfors. Doesn't this bring back memories of Finngen to some of you old-timers? :)

26-11-14, 05:12
I only came to Finngen during the last few years of it's existence...but it was a great site...

June Pelo
26-11-14, 15:09
I wonder what happened to all those Finngeners... I assume some joined Suku, and some joined Finlander Forum, but what happened to the others.. there were many of them who seem to have disappeared from the Net... I used to hear from some of them from time to time.... now I don't hear anything..

26-11-14, 17:40
I was on Finngeners for only the last couple of years, now I am here. Also on some Facebook pages for genealogy.