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A-M Löfdahl
08-09-03, 15:03
My name is Ann-Marie and I live in Oravais, Finland. I found SFHS and Finlander through Sylvia Jorgensen and Sylvia through SFHS.

Last winter I tried to locate some relatives of mine who emigrated to the states, when I came across the name Selma Fridlund in an article in the Quarterly. I got in contact with Sylvia – Selma was her dad´s stepmother and my grandfathers first cousin – and now Sylvia has visited us here in Oravais!

By joining the Finlander forum I hope to find out more about my relatives that we lost contact with. I am also looking forward to “meet” people with ancestors in Oravais. Both I and my husband have ancestors in Oravais, Vörå, Maxmo and Munsala; places in our neighborhood. I think it´s really exciting to live where our ancestors have lived for many generations.
I have not done genealogy myself for a long time, but my parents have told me a lot and I have many persons around me, who gladly share what they know about “the old times” with me.

My main interest is traditional songs and folkmusic. I am researhing the arhcives, interviewing people, but also singing myself and trying to get others to experience the joy in singing!

Ann-Marie in Seiplax

29-09-03, 21:29
Dear Annmarie,
I telephoned Carl Sundman up in Anacortes, WA, this morning. He remembers Karl Fridlund vividly. He was even named for your uncle! Karl and Carl's father travelled from logging job to logging job together. Carl remembers Karl's accordion playing as well. Said he was well-liked at all the logging camps. He used to play for the guys in the bunk house at night.
Sundman gave me his email for you to contact.

A-M Löfdahl
30-09-03, 23:05
Hi, Syrene

Thank you very much, how exciting!!!
I will write to him......

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