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02-03-04, 21:22
Hi Kevin,
I think you're right, it's a generous offer! and will take time. But I accept with joy. The census records are a wealth of information! But time consuming to plow through. Since you lived up there, (?) and have some interest in the area, hopefully it would be kind of fun for you as well. Now I have a question. Should the effort be expanded to include Finns who speak Finnish? As long as eyes are scanning the census pages, would it take a lot longer to include that material as well? I am not skilled at this procedure. Actually Judy Miller is the computer person in that brainstorming session.

The goal is to download information eventually to CD's to take to the FinnFest at Marquette and make available to visitors there who are interested in finding their family names. I would like to spend my time in developing the 12 panel exhibit about communities, lodges and churches, and job opportunities for those Swedish Finns who emigrated to the state.

Any suggestions are gladly accepted.

03-03-04, 01:51
Well, I guess it's true that I have an interest in at least Marquette. I've browsed through the city census records page by page on 2 different occasions already.

IMO, it wouldn't be any more difficult to include Finn-Finns along with the Finn-Swedes. Probably what I could do is do a mini spreadsheet on paper then incorporate it into some software program: Excel, Word, whatever.

I would probably start with 1900 and then progress from there. It would be interesting to see how many Finns were in Marquette earlier into the 1800s. :)

Let's see how it goes and we'll take it from there. :D

Karen Douglas
03-03-04, 01:56
Hi Syrene,
I might be able to help with the names of some Swedish-Finns in Michigan (and even a few other states), but I am wondering what type of information, outside of names, that you would be interested in. (ie: date of emigration; point of departure, occupation, achievements, etc.) I know there are several Scandinavian Clubs scattered throughout Michigan. Many of them publish a monthly newsletter. If we could develop some type of form, requesting specific information, this might be beneficial in collecting a lot of data. Of course, you may have thought of this already... Karen Douglas

03-03-04, 07:22
Hi all,

I could extract some numbers from the 1870 and 1910 hq index to give you an idea but be warned this could be an enormous task if you go to 1910.

Here is an example
The 1910 HQ cd has 1,023,975 entries.
MI has 45980 Scandinavian Heads of Household removing Danish, Norwegian & Swedish and unfortunately females there are still 19532 Finnish and birth place unknown or at sea Heads of household (18680 Finnish).

The 1870 cd has 128,000 entries with only 381 for Finland.

Figures for each county in MI can be obtained if this would be useful.


03-03-04, 17:22
Yes, I believe Michigan attracted the most immigrants from Finland from 1870-1910. Then the population started shifting out, after strikes and recessions. Wasn't the copper mining industry the very first to actively recruit Finns? If I remember correctly they were recruited first from northern Norway where they were in mining. So if we discount Finns who came in with the New Sweden Colony, with the Russian Alaska Company, and as individuals before 1870, then the mining industry around the Great Lakes was the first destination for our ancestors.

I think too that numbers would be interesting which included Swedes and Russians. Because a few persons were recorded as Russian based on their passports, up until 1917. Today they can be singled out based on their language of Swedish or Finnish. The Swedes are usually an error on the part of who reported to the census taker. If it was a neighbor or a child, they might well say Swedish, since that's the language spoken in the home. My own grandfather-in-law is recorded on one out of the three censuses as from Sweden. Now who in the world gave that info?!

Lots of room for error.

And lots of names to go through. Are you using a CD with Scandinavian immigrants? I've seen reference to it previously and thought in passing that the SFHS archive should invest in a copy. Are you of the opinion that we are reinventing the wheel to go directly to the census records? That maybe the above CD would cover the material, and more quickly?

Appreciate your consideration of my questions!

03-03-04, 22:31

There are two cds 1870 and 1910.
The HQ cds (full title above) are an excellent resource effectively providing an index for those relatives from all Scandinavian countries who parishes advise are 'i Amerika'. If a lot of people call at Sfhs to undertake research I think they would be a good investment however searching on the 1910 cd can take time if the name isn't found spelt as initially entered and alternatives are tried,because there are so many more people (10 times more than on the 1870 cd) and so many ways to search. Finland has 381 entries in total on 1870 and 85,347 in the 1910. The cd's cost USD $19.95 and $29.95.

Searches can be undertaken by Surname, Given name, age Birthplace, County, Locality, T624-roll even by page or State. Once set up, if the total number of choices is too great exclusions can be made or ranges can be used and the results can then be sorted into alphabetical by given sur/given name or age or State order (in fact all the same categories can be used in any order or combination).

I have done many searches that have taken 1/2 an hour to set up (perhaps this is in part due to the computers at my gen soc). Many people with no name or an occupation where the name should be are included and people born at sea or birthplace unknown have also been included which takes the total no.s from the 880,000 advertised to over 1 million actual entries.
I tend to search by exclusion to try to include these fascinating entries but have never found my person amongst them as yet.

Only 200 records will print at a time but identifying the first entry can then continue a run.

Here is the url should you wish to read more about it

Hope this goes some way to answering your questions.
Will post some numbers after I have been to use the cd later today.


04-03-04, 06:24
The English from Cornwall were at the mine sites in about 1840 and they brought pasty to the region. About 20 years later the first Finns came around but I don't know if copper or iron was first to get Finns but here's a fun quote of an early Calumet settler from Norway: "When I come here I don't learn to speak English! I have to learn Finnish or I don't talk to nobody" and this guy spoke only Finnish until he was 16 or 17 years old:) so lots of Finnish speaking Finns up there. Swedes also got caught up with mining and by 1900, Iron County was 90% Swedes! I got this from "Michigan Ghost Towns of the Upper Peninsula by R.L. Dodge.
Copper Country was an isolated area in the 1840s-50s. No land movement possible because of the thick forests so travel by ship the only feasible route and when the lake froze over, if you didn't have your winter supplies in, it was a difficult time because then the only way out was by dogsled to Green Bay.
That ghost towns book tells us about all of the small towns that are now history so if you have a question about one, let me know:)

04-03-04, 08:03
Here are some numbers from the HQ cd's.

In 1870 Scandinavians in MI 3,304 not Sw, Da or Nor 270. However of these only 10 were actually listed as being born in Finland.
Houghton had 4 - 2in Quincy & 2 in Calumet
Marquette 1 in Marquette
Muskegon 2 - Oceana and 3-wd Muskegon
Newaygo 3 -Ensley 2, Newaygo 1

In 1910 Scan in MI 45,980 born in Finland 18,680.
Kevin mentioned a specific interest in Marquette County.
1-WD Ishp 86 1-WD Marq 89 1-WD Negaunee 16
2-WD Ishp 137 2-WD Marq 60 2-WD Negaunee 167
3-WD Ishp 24 3-WD Marq 23 3-WD Negaunee 143
4-WD Ishp 243 4-WD Marq 75 4-WD Negaunee 214
5-WD Ishp 29 5-WD Marq 160 5-WD Negaunee 447
6-WD Ishp 10
7-WD Ishp 1
8-WD Ishp 5
9-WD Ishp 133
10-WD Ishp 9
Ishpeming Twp 108
Champion Twp 42
Chocolay Twp 24
Forsyth Twp 247
Michigamme Twp 42
Powell Twp 49
Republic Twp 228
Richmond Twp 196
Skandia Twp 10
Tilden Twp 51
Turin Twp 1 Total 3059

No's I obtained for some other counties are
Alger 784
Baraga 555
Chippewa 391
Delta 387
Dickinson 291
Gogebic 2429
Houghton 6700
Iron 1170
Keweenaw 669
Luce 409
Mackinac 133
Marquette 3059
Menominee 85
Ontonagon 656
Schoolcraft 133
Upper MI Total 17,851
Alcona 1
Antrim 4
Arenac 3
Barry 4
Bay 7
Benzie 6
Berrien 4
Cass 3
Charlevaix 7
Cheboygan 6
Crawford 16
Eaton 9
Emmet 1
Genesee 2
Grand Traverse 27
Ingham 6
Ionia 16
Iosco 74
Jackson 3
Kalamazoo 2
Kalkaska 1
Kent 60
Lapeer 1
Lenawee 1
Macomb 2
Manistee 166
Mason 52
Mecosta 1
Midland 5
Missaukee 52
Monroe 1
Montmorency 19
Muskegon 69
Newaygo 35
Oceana 2
Ogemaw 2
Osceola 2
Otsego 13
Ottawa 3
Roscommon 2
Saginaw 3
Tuscola 1
Wayne 52
Washington 3
Washtenaw 7
Wexford 72
Virginia 1
Total in MI 18,682

Don't forget these listings are for heads-of-households and those with a different surname within a household.
The actual number of people would be far greater.

Hmmm, 2 extra people!

04-03-04, 14:10
Ok, ok....I'll volunteer to do Marquette in 1870!!


04-03-04, 16:20
Hi Kevin,

That would be like looking for a needle in a haystack and I don't want to take anything away from the challenge but did you know the MI 1870 was online at the Library of Michigan? As I have printed out the details from the HQ cd

CLANDY Christine age 30 b. Fin Marquette Marquette 689 401 MI
Here is the image (hope this works)
Christine can be located on line 15.

The others are: all born Finland M593 roll
ADAMS Isaac 41 Houghton Quincy 674 pg 733
JOHNSON Peter 31 Houghton Quincy 674 pg 737
ANDERSON Mathias 34 Houghton Calumet 674 pg 621
JOHNSON Carl 26 Houghton Calumet 674 pg 633
JOHNSON Otis 50 Muskegon Oceana 692 pg 347
SUTHERLAND Hendrick 30 Newaygo Newaygo 693 pg38
APEL Mosher 24 Newaygo Ensley 693 pg 76
HAUGEL Martz 26 Newaygo Ensley 693 pg 76

I will leave the joy of looking up the images to your very capable hands. :D


04-03-04, 18:01
See? 1870 is now completed! :D

Whew! I'm exhausted! ;)

05-03-04, 02:19
You have won a copy of the Mining Gazette but you must stop in the office in Houghton this weekend to pick it up.

Please enjoy the snow


06-03-04, 17:04
The 1870 census contained 381 heads-of-household and others living at an address with a different surname listed as born in Finland. Although scattered across most states NY, MN and CA had almost 2/3.

The numbers state by state are
AL 20 GA 1 LA 7 MO 1 NY 28 TX 1
CA 171 IA 6 MA 19 MS 2 OH 1 UT 2
CT 1 ID 3 MD 3 NE 1 OR 8 WA 22
DC 1 IL 17 MI 10 NJ 2 PA 1 WI 5
FL 7 IN 7 MN 31 NV 2 SC 1 Tot 381:)

AL Montgomery 19 Mobile 1
NY Erie 1 Kings 3 New York 17 Ontario 1 Richmond 5 St Lawrence 1
CA San F 74 Mendocino 22 Placer 27 rest were scattered.

09-03-04, 01:32
Phew! I've been gone from email for four days and what a lot of activity going on?! I mentioned to Hasse N about including every person born in Finland, and he thinks it's a good idea. In other words why go back through the material a second time if it can all be captured with one go.

29-03-04, 01:18
I've spent the weekend transcribing the 1900 Marquette County census. I've completed Marquette City Wards 1-7, Marquette Township and Republic Township. Haven't counted yet how many there are but it's all on paper.

Before I start to enter into the computer, I thought I'd ask Hasse and Syrene if there's a preferred method. Should I make a table in Word, spreadsheet in Excel, etc, etc??

Please let me know so I can continue. My arm is pretty much numb now and I don't suspect I'll start entering into the computer for a few days.

29-03-04, 02:23
Good grief!
We have until next summer:)
However, I'm very greatful. I don't have any idea which would be the preferred format for entry. Hasse, do you have suggstions? We will take Don's sony laptop to the FinnFest, and use the resulting CD on that. What program should we all use which is readily searchable? It would be helpful if both names and places could be searched. I can picture someone wondering about Finns in a particular village, and if the CD can call up the entire population it might well generate some excitement!
Thanks again Kevin!

29-03-04, 06:21

The easiest and perhaps best is to enter it in a spreadsheet application. Excel will do. This structured data can easily be entered into a viewable document in the Talko structure.

Is there a nice logical division of the material. Per area?

29-03-04, 06:33
Swenson has these records:
Champion - Finnish, yes, Finnish
Champion - Our Redeemer Lutheran
Michigamme - Bethlehem Swedish Lutheran
These 3 churches are all bundled into a single microfilm, # 234
Ishpeming - Bethany Lutheran, #220-1 and -2
Ishpeming - Evangelical Covenant, #S8-2
Negaunee - Bethany Lutheran, #229
Negaunee - Mission Covenant, #S8-1
Skandia - Emanuel Lutheran, %40224
Marquette - Messiah Lutheran, #228-1 and -2
Just the people born in Finland, right?


29-03-04, 06:44
I think the idea was to stick with those born in Finland. I'm starting with the 1900 census for Marquette County. Syrene had asked about including Swedish speaking Finns as well; however, the 1900 census doesn't include the language spoken. It might be in the 1910 though.

I have about 8 pages of Finns from the Marquette city wards and Marquette Township. Then I tackled just Republic and there were 14 pages just for there! I'm beginning to dread this undertaking! :rolleyes:

I can easily input the data into Excel. I'll just create a spreadsheet similar to the census records as I've copied most of that data over.

Syrene was talking about a CD and having searchable fields etc. I'm toying with an idea of writing a little program in VB with an Access database maybe that could provide that functionality. I think it's fairly easy to import a comma delimited file into a db table so the data entry wouldn't be replicated. We'll see how it goes.

29-03-04, 07:06
Originally posted by kpaavola
...I can easily input the data into Excel. I'll just create a spreadsheet similar to the census records as I've copied most of that data over.

Syrene was talking about a CD and having searchable fields etc. I'm toying with an idea of writing a little program in VB with an Access database maybe that could provide that functionality. I think it's fairly easy to import a comma delimited file into a db table so the data entry wouldn't be replicated. We'll see how it goes.

Whatever. Structured data as excel, tab delimited or csv can easily be imported into small databases. SFHS already uses Filemaker so this could also easily be used - without any programming even. Have to get feedback from Syrene and Don over how they like to have it.

29-03-04, 07:10
Hej Kev,
I am going to finish up with Ashland WI because if I don't I maybe never complete it:)
Plus I am working on getting a pda with folding keyboard which will cut the transcription work for me so a reason to delay things a bit and I am continuing with individual lookups to keep it from becoming a factory job:)
I will save my stuff in excel, .xls, format and then put it online for Hasse and then it can be further manipulated to go along with your system.


29-03-04, 17:23
Hi Kevin, Hasse, and Chuck,
By reading your conversation, I'm beginning to think the possibility of downloading any collected information from the Finlander site may be the most effective way to create a CD. That means that once you 3 agree on the format and software(?), the data would first be inserted into Delphi (?) and then eventually downloaded onto the CD we could work from at the FinnFest in Marquette. And future FinnFEsts. That way everyone who uses Finlander would have the benefit of all your research.

The offer to look up names at the FinnFest should bring a lot of converts to Finlander as well! And the Michigan exhibit will benefit as well.

With gratitude for your forebearance when a novice speaks!

21-04-04, 17:45
Dear Kevin,
I'm trying to get back on board after too many trips out of town this spring!

Re: the discussion as to which format the census materials need to take in order to be used at the next FinnFest.

Well, that USED to be my priority. But now that Hasse has the Oracle of Delphi project up and running I'm wondering about another possibility.

What if all the material you and Chuck are digging up could go on the Oracle, and then next spring SFHS could download the information onto a CD and carry that to the FinnFest. We plan to have laptop computers there.

This way all your work could have double the effect: immediately available on the Internet, and a response available to persons visiting Marquette in 2005 with questions about their heritage.

AS to the technology involved here, I don't know. AS you see, I can't even figure out how to send Hasse a copy of this message.


21-04-04, 19:53
Marquette county is now in .xls final form and I have Delta county close to completion. Keeweenaw county was very easy - no swedish lang churches so it's already complete :)
I plan on doing the entire UP and already have several of the smaller counties transcribed.
I am getting some excellent help from Kaj Granlund who is editing peoples names and parish names!
OK, time to go back to Swenson!

31-05-04, 16:38
The Swedish Finns early on organized temperence lodges within Svensk-Finsk Nykterhets Förening. In 1917, a Memorial Album was published, one copy of which is archived at SFHS. I'm in the process of entering the names of members in Michigan lodges, and in some cases, their birth parishes in Finland, into the Oracle at Delphi. So far, Newberry, Crystal Falls, Negaunee, Bessemer, and Ironwood are "saved" in the Oracle. There are 10 more to go. Hasse says the material is searchable, so I hope it will help our members.
I also plan to use it for the Michigan FinnFest 2005 display for SFHS.

31-05-04, 19:21
Originally posted by syrene
...I'm in the process of entering the names of members in Michigan lodges, and in some cases, their birth parishes in Finland, into the Oracle at Delphi. ...

The material can be accessed through this page (http://sfhs.eget.net/wikisfnf.html)

June Pelo
01-06-04, 00:58
The lists were interesting to me. In Nord #21, Bessemer, I found Mrs. John Forsberg (Maria Mattson) who was one of my mother's friends. And in Klippan #8, Ludington, I found Andrew and Lydia Nase, and Sanfrid Molander, all friends of my paternal grandmother. In fact, when she came to America, she traveled with Sanfrid Molander and his wife because he was able to speak English, and she didn't know a word of English.


01-06-04, 03:28
Thanks June, for your anecdotes. May I place them on pages with the Molander and Forsberg names? I would like them to be accessible when someone clicks the question mark after their names in the SFNF list.

June Pelo
01-06-04, 15:39

Yes, you may use them. I wish I had paid more attention to some of the names I heard when I was a child - there are probably other names on those lists that my parents would recognize. I remember seeing a picture of Sanfrid Molander and thought he was a handsome man.

The Forsbergs moved to Flint, MI where he was a mason. Her parents lived in Oscoda, MI and I can remember when they drove their Model T to Flint to visit their daughter Maria (Mae) Forsberg. The old man would toot the horn all the way down the street to let them know he was arriving. He still drove that car during the 1930s when there weren't many Model T cars on the road.


01-06-04, 15:47
The story makes me smile!

01-06-04, 22:06
Morgonstjärnan No.1, Ironwood, Mi - members
Ny Borg No.821, Newberry, MI - members
Stjärnan i Hemmet No.6, Crystal Falls, MI - members
Nord No.21, Bessemer, MI - members
Klippan No.8, Luddington, MI - members
Liljan i dalen No.5, Amasa, MI - members
Österbotten No.3, Negaunee, MI - members
Lilla Hoppet No.44, Thompson, MI - members
Wasa Älskling No.23, Baraga, MI - members
Tärnan No.18, Ramsay, MI - members
Dalens Ros No.17, Quinnesec, MI - members
Hem av Enighet No.13, Escanaba, MI - members
Liljan på Fjällen No.11, Felch, MI - members

For the URL address - see in one of the messages above.

A-M Löfdahl
03-06-04, 22:04
Have I missed something about this Delphi-thing, or?
Could you please explain a little Hasse, or tell me where I should read about it.
Thank you

June Pelo
03-06-04, 22:34

I know how to reach my article collection on Delphi, but don't now the correct URL to find all the articles submitted. Perhaps Hasse can post the URL and explain what it's all about. I'm sure other members have interesting stories they could submit.


04-06-04, 09:06
The Delphi will be linked to both Finlander and SFHS - but this hasn't yet been done.

Delphi is a collaboration tool where we can enter stories and reference material about local history in Finland, emigrant stories, reference material etc. that is of interest for the Finlander/SFHS/Talko -members.

Until now testing of the system has been carried out by myself, June has added a lot of articles, Syrene has entered reference material, Chuck M. has material on-line (and I guess more is coming), Tarja Laaksonen is testing the Delphi's suitability as a collaboration tool for a group of people researching a family's geneology (this is in Finnish).

If there are people who want to start to participate in the collecting of material - please contact me.

There are several entrypoints already defined to the Delphi database. These entrypoints and others will be accessible directly from the SFHS web page.


...is June's article collection


... is Syrene's collection


...is Tarja Laaksonen's collection of material (in Finnish) about a genealogy from the Padasjoki parish and surroundings. This material is growing fast and is showing the way Delphi could be used for different genealogy/local history groups around Svenskfinland and in the "new world".


...Dick Ericson's reserach project


...The Order or Runeberg material


...Chuck Mäki's reference material

More entrypoints to the database exist and will also be created when there is a need. Every page shown has a "Find" functionality at the wnd of the document. The menu on top also has a search functionality.

02-10-04, 08:35
Hi all,
I found a site that I think will be helpful for the census extracts people have been working on.
University of Virginia library
Unfortunately it didn't give statistics for the 1880 census but it does enable a comparision to the numbers of Heads of household listed on the HQcd to the actual number of Finnish born in MI in 1910.
County____ 1870 1880 1900 1910 1910HQ
Alger____ | — | — | 248 | 1,170 | 784
Baraga___ | — | — | 378 | 955 | 555
Chippewa | — | — | 286 | 697 | 391
Delta____ | — | — | 437 | 688 | 387
Dickinson_ | — | — | 372 | 503 | 291
Gogebic__ | — | —| 2,618 | 3,776 | 2,429
Houghton | 4 | — | 7,241 | 11,536 | 6,700
Iron_______ | — | — | 889 | 1,831 | 1,170
Keweenaw| — | — | 710 | 1,200 | 669
Luce______ | — | — | 213 | 516 | 409
Mackinac | — | — | 155 | 213 | 133
Marquette | 1 | — | 3,871 | 5,020 | 3,059
Menominee | — | — | 135 | 175 | 85
Ontonagon | — | — | 251 | 1,158| 656
Schoolcraft | — | — | 299 | 201 | 133
UP Michigan | 5 | — | 18,103 | 29,639 | 17,851


02-10-04, 17:03
Thanks, Jeanette,
I'll take a look. You certainly have helped a lot of us with Internet places to search.

03-10-04, 04:01
Sorry about the chart. It started off in lined boxes then it was had straight columns of numbers when I previewed it just prior to submitting it. :(
Hasse or Kevin is there anything I could do to improve the mishmash of numbers?

03-10-04, 04:21
Hi Jeanette,
I don't know if you could just use tabs manually in the body of this reply to line things up. Otherwise, maybe creating a table or pasting it from your source directly into Word or something like that and attach the document. ??

03-10-04, 04:25
Hi again,
I thought I'd try to go into your original posting and try to add tabs to line things up. I was surprised when I went into edit mode and everything was lined up properly. So I just saved it thinking it would retain the alignment. Unfortunately, as you can see above, it didn't save it aligned.

Not sure if this software can do the proper formatting. Maybe Hasse can shed some light.

03-10-04, 04:30
Hi Kevin,

Its in xls would I need to move it to word first or should it attach as an excel document. (This will be a new experience, one I may muck up). I actually have the figures for the whole state of Michigan but thought I would try the UP first. I hoped it might be of some help by giving a guideline of how many names to expect in each county.


03-10-04, 04:51
Try is as an Excel attachment. Anyone who has the program installed will be able to view it while those who don't will not be able to view it.

I've seen other postings with "word-type" documents attached so it should work just fine.


03-10-04, 09:29
Originally posted by jeanette
Sorry about the chart. It started off in lined boxes then it was had straight columns of numbers when I previewed it just prior to submitting it. :(
Hasse or Kevin is there anything I could do to improve the mishmash of numbers?

I haven't allowed for any of the Microsoft Office file formats because of the big virus transfer risk. Word documents must be saved as .rtf.

Excel documents have to be resaved as either to "tab delimited" into a .txt file - or as I do it saved into a space delimited file which can be inserted as an monospaced text into the message (see the # option when editing a message.)

Jeanette - if you don't succeed - send me the file and I will enter it on your behalf.

03-10-04, 10:16
1870 1880 1900 1910 1910HQ
Alger 248 1170 784
Baraga 378 955 555
Chippewa 286 697 391
Delta 437 688 387
Dickinson 372 503 291
Gogebic 2 618 3 776 2 429
Houghton 4 7 241 11 536 6 700
Iron 889 1 831 1 170
Keweenaw 710 1 200 669
Luce 213 516 409
Mackinac 155 213 133
Marquette 1 3 871 5 020 3 059
Menominee 135 175 85
Ontonagon 251 1 158 656
Schoolcraft 299 201 133
UP Michigan 5 18 103 29 639 17 851

Allegan 0 0 0
Branch 0 0 0
Calhoun 0 0 0
Clare 0 0 0
Clinton 0 1 0
Gladwin 0 0 0
Hillsdale 0 0 0
Huron 0 0 0
Isabella 0 3 0
Livingston 0 0 0
Presque Isle 0 0 0
Shiawassee 0 0 0
Van Buren 0 0 0
*Total doesn't include Isabella & Clinton

1870 1880 1900 1910 1910HQ
Alcona 1 2 1
Alpena 2 1 0
Antrim 4 8 4
Arenac 0 4 3
Barry 0 7 4
Bay 10 11 7
Benzie 3 12 6
Berrien 1 6 4
Cass 2 3 3
Charlevoix 8 18 7
Cheboygan 9 10 6
Crawford 0 20 16
Eaton 12 14 9
Emmet 3 1 1
Genesee 1 2 2
Grand Traverse 35 29 27
Gratiot 2 2 0
Ingham 0 9 6
Ionia 5 18 16
Iosco 166 129 74
Jackson 2 4 3
Kalamazoo 0 3 2
Kalkaska 30 1 1
Kent 44 110 60
Lake 11 0 0
Lapeer 0 1 1
Leelanau 1 2 0
Lenawee 1 1 1
Macomb 0 3 2
Manistee 27 403 166
Mason 125 105 52
Mecosta 1 4 1
Midland 1 10 5
Missaukee 57 78 52
Monroe 0 1 1
Montmorency 0 33 19
Muskegon 2 80 126 69
Newaygo 3 77 68 35
Oakland 1 0 0
Oceana 0 3 2
Ogemaw 2 4 2
Osceola 3 6 2
Oscoda 1 0 0
Otsego 0 17 13
Ottawa 0 6 3
Roscommon 0 5 2
Saginaw 7 6 3
Sanilac 2 2 0
St Clair 2 7 2
St Joseph 1 1 0
Tuscola 0 2 1
Washtenaw 0 12 7
Wayne 4 71 52
Wexford 60 100 72

Total 5 804 1501 827
18103 29639
18907 31140 *

03-10-04, 16:32
See? Now that's why you're the boss, Hasse! :cool:

03-10-04, 17:40
Yeah Kevin, Hasse has done it again! I had emailed Jeanette to contact Hasse about it and as an interim, I had saved her .xls as .html and here is how that turned out. Works if you have space to put things online but Hasse's is much more elegant and permanent to sfhs.

03-10-04, 17:56
Originally posted by kpaavola
See? Now that's why you're the boss, Hasse! :cool:

The trick isn't that difficult.

"Monospaced text" is a feature when text is shown using a font where every character occupies the same space, ie. the same width value.

Excel has a possibility to store a table into "formatted text" with spaces instead of the tab -character. When all characters occupy the same space the table looks like a table.

Monospaced text can be entered within the CODE and /CODE directives surrounded by the square brackets.

Sorry for the ADP vocabulary...

04-10-04, 06:00
Thanks everyone for your team effort. The charts all look good even if I do say so myself. Hopefully the info will be useful after all this effort.
Hasse, you will eventually get us all computer literate, although I'm sure it will take quite some time. :)

Thanks again guys,

13-01-05, 01:51
I have made another little chart :) following up the 10 Finnish born
found on the 1870 census. Some discrepancies occur between the
Heritage Quest Index and the Library of Michigan Index on these few names.
Finnish Born in U.S. 1870 Census

Surname First Name Age Sex Colour Occupation PoB 11 12 Census Place Date CensusTaken
JOHNSON Olu Olie Otis 50 M W Labourer Fin X X Oceana, Muskegon, MI 28 Aug 1870
Bertha 48 F W Keeps House Fin X X
Amanda 13 F W Fin X X
Eppin 2 F W Fin X X

APEL Mosher 24 M W Works Mill Fin X X Muskegon, Muskegon, MI 26 Jul 1870

SUTHERLAND Hendrick 30 M W Farmer Fin X X Ensley, Newaygo, MI 27 Jun 1870
Lena 26 F W House Keeper Fin X X

HAUGEL/HUNGEL Martz 26 M W Farm Labourer Fin X X Ensley, Newaygo, MI 27 Jun 1870 works for Hendrick Sutherland

STOIN Charles 38 M W Mill Wright Fin X X Newaygo, Newaygo, MI 08 Jul 1870
Indexeded at Lib of Mich as STONE Mary 34 F W House Keeper Fin X X
Sophia 13 F W Fin X X
Charles 10 M W Fin X X
A 6 F W Fin X X
Emily 2 F W MI X X

JOHNSON Carl 26 M W Labourer Fin X X Calumet, Houghton, MI 20 Jul 1870

ANDERSON Mathias 34 M W Labourer Fin X X Calumet, Houghton, MI 14 Jul 1870

ADAMS Isaac 41 M W Miner Fin X X Quincy, Houghton, MI 17 Jun 1870

JOHNSON Peter 31 M W Miner Fin X X Quincy, Houghton, MI 17 Jun 1870
Sophia 25 F W Keeping House Nor X X
Isaac 26 M W Miner Fin X X
Eva 69 F W At Home Fin X X

CLANDY Christine 30 F W House Servant Fin X X Marquette, Marquette, MI 22 Jun 1870

11 – Father of Foreign Birth
12 – Mother of Foreign Birth
PoB – Place of Birth

JOHNSON Olu Ollie Otis is indexed at Lib of Michigan as Ola
HAUGEL indexed as HUNGEL
STOIN indexed as Stone

With my limited computer knowhow I am giving up on charts.

13-01-05, 01:59
I've pasted it into a file on the FinnFest Michigan 2005.

13-01-05, 02:50
When do you need the census transcription that I did for Marquette? I forget now exactly what I did but know there's quite a bit of data for me to transcribe.

Once complete, do you want me to send to Hasse or email the file to you?

13-01-05, 17:22
Hi Kevin,
Your work would make a great addition to the Oracle from Delphi collection. Let's send it to Hasse. Once he's got it on the Oracle, we can access it from Marquette during FinnFest with no problem. If it turns out we don't have Internet access at FinnFest, we can download it to a CD and use it that way. Either way, Oracle will make it available to everyone!