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20-12-14, 01:03
Did Anders Gustaf Andersson Skytte (born 17 Oct 1852 in Terjärv) move from Skytte homestead to Fagernäs homestead? My information comes from Släkten Lassas i Terjärv by Lindsjö, and I think it may be incomplete after 1885 concerning this family. He emigrated to America in 1886. On Goteborg passenger lists he used the name Fagernäs. His two eldest sons emigrated in 1899 and 1900, and on the passport list they used the name Fagernäs. Wife Lovisa and 3 youngest sons emigrated in 1901 using the name Fagernäs on their passports. In America the name evolved from Fagernäs to Fagernes to Fagerness.

Would Rippikirjat or Flyttningsländer records from 1890-1901 about this family possibly explain why my name is Fagerness?

June Pelo
20-12-14, 04:12
Fagerness is the way the name sounds when pronounced... many emigrants Americanized the spelling of their names to eliminate the use of umlauts. I'm away from home and can't access my data to find out more about this family, but people usually adopted the name of the farm as their "last name" each time they moved.

Karen Norwillo
20-12-14, 16:17
There is an Anders Andersson and wife Lovisa are found on the Fagernäs farm in 1890. Both born '52. Their sons aren't mentioned by name as they would not be 14 yet. First son Anders Alfred was born 4 Sep 1879.

20-12-14, 18:36
This record documents my suspicion. May I ask: How did you access this information from the US? I have several more questions about my Swedish Finn ancestors that left Finland for the US during the period 1890-1912, but I can not find an on-line database that covers that period.

Thank you for discovering and sharing this record with me. I very much appreciate your time and effort.

Paul Fagerness

Karen Norwillo
20-12-14, 21:00
I found this on digi.narc.fi/digi/search.ka?hakid=23556. This should take you to the search page. In the search box type in Teerijärvi (you must use diacritical marks) You will find several pages, click on next and you will find Henkikirja 1890-1890. #456 Teerijärvi will find them several pages back. Unfortunately, I couldn't find Terjärv on FFHA.

21-12-14, 18:42
Inspired by Karen Norwillo's results, I looked further in almost the same place and found more evidence that the Anders Gustaf Andersson family had moved from Skytte farm to Fagernäs farm. The 1885 collection (digi.narc.fi search Teerijärvi select Henkikirjat > Vaasan läänin henkikirjat > Henkikirjat > Henkikirja 1885-1885 (Va:137) ) on jackso 435) has an entry on the sixth line from the bottom for Anders Andersson 52 and Lovisa 52.

I think the record shows just 3 sons. My grandfather, Johan Viktor, was born on 19 Jan 1885, according to Lindsjö, and he was the 4th son. Is the actual date coded somewhere on these records?