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Ed Koski
10-01-15, 00:58
She is my 2nd Cousin ... her Parents are:Merlyn C. Weaver, s: 19.6.1899 Wisconsin ??? k: 31.12.1961 San Bernardino.Ca. Mother: Delphia Louise Kokko, s: 1.10.1905 Sedro Wooley, Wa k: 12.9.1971 San Bernardino, Ca.


Susan Helen Weaver, s: 1.11.1944 Los Angeles, Ca.

the rest is UNKNOWN - this is one of my Brick Walls..

HELP !!!

Ed Koski
Toronto, Ont.

Karen Norwillo
10-01-15, 17:55
From WI Birth Index Merlyn C Weaver born 19 Jun 1899 Magnolia, Rock, WI to Charles Herbert Weaver and Nellie Gay Janes. There is a Family Tree on Ancestry with the same info. In 1930 Los Angeles, Merlyn Weaver WI 30 film developer with the Board of Education lived in the same home as Jennie Kokko and her daughter Delphia 24, stenographer auto club. CA Birth Index confirms the DOB for Susan Helen Weaver, mmn Kokko. On the CA Marriage Index, I found a marriage for a Susan H Weaver and Richard Q Leduc on 11 May 1968 in San Bernardino, CA. There is a birth on the CA Birth Index for a Michelle L Leduc 10 Mar 1972 Riverside county, CA. mmn Weaver. The White Pages Directory has a listing for a Richard and Susan Leduc. I'll send the address "private message" Hopefully this is the cousin you seek.

Ed Koski
10-01-15, 22:58
Hei Karen:
Thanks to BRICK WALL removers like the Lady from Penn State:
Thank You Karen; for your information as I could not get past San Bernardino, Ca. Info.
I have another Angel ( no name attached ) but she also has reliable information - almost like she is a CLOSE RELATIVE ... on this Web Site.... ( maybe Shy ??? )

I have over 3,500 Cousins and I'm finding many who do not want to be counted - Here in Canada, USA and Australia as well as in Finland where I'm probably going for my LAST visit in August 2015 - having been there at least 10 - 12 times....
Ed Koski