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04-03-04, 00:56
I looked at the big listing of swede-finn books that Swenson and Augustana had on hand so asked Swenson genealogist, Jill Seaholm, if such materials were available to interlib loan - if you live in WA, you can get a book sent to them to check out to you. Here's her response to my email:
"We do lend a lot of things out, but requests are judged on a case-by-case basis. For example, anything in the NWO book collection does not circulate because of a stipulation by the collection's donor, but other collections do circulate via interlibrary loan, and we look at each requested book to see how fragile it is, how replaceable it is if lost or destroyed, etc., and then send it if we think it's ok to and turn it down if we think it isn't. Most things are allowed to go out, and they are always for in-library use only, which means that you wouldn't be able to take it home with you. You can even request things from local libraries around here to look at more at your leisure during *their* hours, which are longer than ours. All requests come to us through the Augie library's interlibrary loan department and must be done that way, so have your local library contact that department if a book interests you."


The url above is for the Augie lib. Type in swedish finnish and the entire lists hows for you. Even Swedish lang books are shown. Also Jill mentioned that if the library you try from has the same book at a closer location, it could come from there so happy searching!