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09-02-15, 13:13
I looking for relatives of Kaarle Antti Todisto or Toristo 25 Sept 1854 Isojoki - 4 Jan 1931 Isojoki & Klaara Korpi 2 Aug 1856 Isojoki - 15 Feb 1940 Isojoki.

Their children and grand children that I have recorded: (I'm not sure if it's Todisto or Toristo, as I've seen it recorded both ways)

Juho Manasse Todisto 15 Oct 1885 Isojoki - 14 Jan 1930 Canada
= Johan Gate Jalo Anderson 1 May 1913 Canada

Hilda Maria Todisto 7 Jun 1887 Isojoki, married. Vihtori Vilhelm Halminen
= Niilo Armas Halminen 2 May 1909 Isojoki

Antti Nikolai Todisto 15 May 1891 Isojoki - 5 Oct 1962 Isojoki, married. Sandra Peltomaa

Svante Albert Todisto 30 Jan 1894 Isojoki - 25 Nov 1958 USA married Elli Edith Luomanen
= Olavi Todisto about 1925 USA

Thank you. :)

09-02-15, 17:23
From Isojokis birth book,
Carl Anders (Kaarle Antti in Finnish) born 1854-09-25:

Family in Isojokis Communion book:


09-02-15, 19:42
From Isojokis birth book,
Klara born 1856-08-02:

Family in Isojokis Communion book:


Karen Norwillo
10-02-15, 00:41
From Ancestry.com/Canada records Svante and Elli Edith Louma married 20 Jul 1920 in Algoma District, Ontario. Minerva Edith Toristo born July 1923 and died 4 Jan 1924. Toovi Kathleen Toristo born 23 Jan 1930, baptized 27 Aug 1946 in Ste Veronique Catholic Church, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Father Svante Toristo, mother Elli Louma. There is also a Baby Girl baptized at Precieux Sang (Precious Blood) Catholic Church 1949-1956 register, father Oliver Toristo. Voters Lists for SS Marie, Ontario lists Svante and Mrs Svante Toristo for many years. It also lists Oliver A Toristo and Rose Toristo. 17 Jul 1929 Drottningholm manifest has Svante, Elli and Olavi to Sault Ste Marie through Halifax.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-15, 05:06
Several records of Swante Toresto going back and forth from Canada to US, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.1915, 1917, 1924 at St Albans, VT. Says he arrived from Finland 17 Sep 1913 "Victorian." March 24, 1915 has him listed as Swante Albert Toristo Hedberg. 1921 census has him and Elli in Algoma West, sub-division 40, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Karen Norwillo
10-02-15, 05:31
Here is a Baby Girl Toristo born 1956 to Oliver Toristo and Rose Merrifield (mother's maiden name) No name given. There is a Pamela Toristo found on later Voters Lists.
The Merrifields were Irish so probably Catholic.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-15, 15:45
Official Canadian Birth Records have a 97 year time-frame before they can be released. Doesn't hold true if child dies. Olavi/Oliver's won't be available until 2022 or so (1925) Those I happened upon were from Baptismal records.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-15, 16:21
Found an obit on-line for a Marsha Toristo Nichol who died 2 Jun 2012 in Sault Ste Marie at 65. She was the daughter of Oliver and Rose Toristo and had sisters Cheryl, Valerie, Brenda and Pamela. She leaves many children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-15, 20:22
Here's the Sept 17, 1913 arrival of 19 year old Svante Toristo at Quebec on SS Victorian. Incorrectly identified on Ancestry.com as Joristo. Line 4.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-15, 21:16
Looks like Olavi/Oliver was married twice. Second wife Anne, had 3 more children Elli, Aaron and Robert. Sister Tuovi was married to a Frank Manzo. Mentioned in an obit of Frank's sister in 2011. Says Tuovi deceased, but doesn't say when. They have 5 children and live in Sault Ste Marie.

11-02-15, 18:22
Savante his wife Elli and Son Olavi Toristo seem to be the only ones that I've been able to find info about as well, but I hadn't found the other children that you listed above. Thank you the other records! I'm guessing there is nothing on Niilo or the others? I'm very new to Fin records, and am finding it very hard.