View Full Version : Matts Svarvar born Svarvar, Purmo, dead Saint John, Canada

Alf Blomqvist
19-02-15, 18:26
Kenneth Svarvar is searching for information re. Matias Svarvar born 30 Nov 1882 Svarvar, Purmo, Finland and dead 14 Jan 1923 Saint John, Canada.

He made two trips to North America. One with Alfred Sandström.

On ship Empress of France.

Alf Blomqvist
Jakobstad, Finland

Alf Blomqvist
13-08-15, 12:32
Some corrections:

Mathias Svarvar is born 3 Oct 1892 in Purmo on Svarvar. The info re. his death must be wrong because he made his second trip to North America in June 1929. So when did he die?

Father Anders Jacobsson born 20 Jan 1849 in Purmo on Svarvar. Married 5 Oct 1873 in Purmo to Maja Greta Jonasdotter born 13 Dec 1849 in Purmo on Bäck.

Karen Norwillo
13-08-15, 15:10
I found his first trip to Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, Ontario on June 1, 1923 "Empress of France" but no second trip. He was destined to friend Alfred Sandström there. I did not find him after that. I even tried under Anderson thinking he may have used his patronym.

Karen Norwillo
19-08-15, 00:17
Just checking my own ancestry and find my 7th great-grandmother was Malin Johansdotter Svarvar from Purmo. Don't have a date of birth, but she died in 1697 shortly after the birth of her second child. I also have a few others of this surname.

Alf Blomqvist
19-08-15, 08:21
I'm related to Kenneth Svarvar who is searching information re. his relative who left Finland for Canada (my late mother and Kenneth's late mother were cousins).

I is hard to fins information re. Malin Svarvar, it could be too early to find any books with info regarding her birt.