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K-G Molander
05-03-04, 05:44
I have found in several databases that Margeta Eriksdotter Maunumäki from Kelviå has the birthdate 2 Nov 1759. According to HISKI she is born on 11 Feb 1759 and Christened on 12 Feb 1759.
Also, she was married on 26 Apr 1778, not 24 Jun 1778. She married Johan Mattsson from Hassinen, Karleby.

05-03-04, 15:28
I did a quick check of my file and I have her listed as born Feb 11 1759 with a source listed as "Juuret Kälviällä, page 383."

Tonight I'll check the book for the other information.

Kaj Granlund
05-03-04, 17:38
The usual way of writing dates in Finland is DD-MM-YYYY. But I have noticed that in the churchrecord in Esse there was a period they also used MM-DD-YYYY. So sometimes it causes problems to us too, if you just have numbers that can be as well days as months, and you are not able to check that information in any other way.

06-03-04, 04:05
Well, I went back to the book and the only other information for Margeta is that she married Juho Hassinen (from Kaarlela) in 1778, no month or day listed so that isn't much help. But it does list her birthdate as Feb 11, 1759.