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03-03-15, 11:18
Is there anyone who knows anyone speaking hungarian? And some "old hungarian"? Have a friend who needs to translate a letter that his grandfather got from his sister(in the 40īs) in Hungary while she lived and my friend whose parents doesnīt speak hungarian, have no idea what itīs about.

04-09-15, 14:58
If you haven't been able to get that letter translated, I have family who are native speakers and could translate from Hungarian to English (but not to Finnish or Swedish, unfortunately). Let me know if I can help.

09-03-16, 07:53
Hi, unfortunately I saw this post just now! My relative who live in Vancouver says itīs in "old" Hungarian language..his grandfather emigrated from hungary to canada. I will ask if they have gotten their letters translated yet =)

10-03-16, 06:04
If they haven't had any luck getting that letter translated yet, let me know if I can help...

11-03-16, 09:51
I sent you a private message =)