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07-03-15, 00:58

In looking at genealogy found for Finnish families, and being an 'Aussie' who knows only some German, which does help a tiny bit, I am needing to find out some translation of certain things.

Anna Lithén tid. Hansdotter Ryss
'tid' = ?

Erik "Skäggo-Eirik" Hansson Ryss sen. Långbacka
""Skaggo-Eirik" means ?
'sen. Långbacka ' - does this mean ' moved from Ryss to Långbacka ' ?

Karl "Sund-Kaal" ERIKSSON...so "Sund -Kaal" ?

Thanks for help with this


Jaska Sarell
07-03-15, 01:40
tid. = tidigare = earlier
sen. = senare = later
Those names in parenthesis are nicknames, first may refer to his beard (sw. skägg), latter probably to place name Sund. Latter parts local dialect version of first names.

:) Jaska

07-03-15, 03:19
Thank you Jaske.
I was close as I thought 'tid' may have been 'before' and 'sen' = 'then'...not far off :) Now I know exactly.
Interesting about the name referring the beard...I guess it's similar to 'Erik the Red'...for his red hair/ or complexion .
I understand now too the 'local dialect' for names coming into it...same within the German language, change of dialect given the region you are in.
Once again, thank you.