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Inger Wallius
06-03-04, 17:55
You found that Johannes Söderman arrived Oct 1, 1911 to Amerika. Did he arrive in California? But what happened to my grandfather after that?
My mother told me that he lived in Brooklyn New York at first. My aunt burned his letters before she died. That made me curious, what`s his secret? Perhaps a new family in Amerika?
My great grandfather was Anders Östman he went to Amerika at least 3 times , so did his son Viktor and Andreas once and one of his daugters too.
Eager to get to know more.
Inger Wallius

06-03-04, 22:23
Hi Inger,
I went to see Johannes Soderman on Ellis Island and I did find him going to San Francisco, CA to a friend.

Hmm, if you just looked at my old posting, I misread the lines so this shows Anders Ostman as Johannes father. Too bad those old manifests were so oddly lined up horizontally:) because I thought Anders belongs to the guy on the line above Johannes.

Anyway, there is nothing new here but I will leave it online so people can see how easy it might be to misread original manifests.

But there is a good point here in that a Teerijarvi boy has been seen - Lillbrand, Sanfrid.


10-03-04, 01:59
Johannes Söderman not found in membership of these churches:

I will check marriage records beyond 1911 next time I get a chance and perhaps he and Maria Strandvall will be there.


Inger Wallius
10-03-04, 18:13
Thank you Chuck for trying.
What about New York . My mother told me that her father Johannes lived in Brooklyn. He bought some kind of property there and lost it later on. My grandma Maria did not go to Amerika.
Mvh. Inger Wallius

12-03-04, 00:39
Nothing in New York City or Brooklyn for Söderman or Strandvall.

In SF where I checked for marriages beyond 1911, I found these pple whom you did not name and so they are probably not rellies but I report them in the event they turn out to be:)

No marriage records in S495-2 Covenant church sooner than 1920 and nothing found for you.
S618-2,Ebenezer Lutheran marriage list began in 1916 and I stopped looking at 1929 and found only this couple:
Hilda Soderman, age 34, on May 17, 1917, married Emil Andrew Carlson, age 38. They reside at 2184 15 St San Francisco.
S618-2, Ebenezer Lutheran, this couple:
Grace Soderman, age 20, on June 21, 1919, maried Lloyd Charles Wyrick. She was from Berkeley CA and he resided at 2228 California St, SF.
And I did find in their membership book 2 Soderman people, Hilma and Nils Arvid who are both from Sweden.