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June Pelo
10-03-15, 20:47
The March FAR has this query... if you can help, please reply to him directly:

I am looking for information on Jacob Kale Kauppi(nen), my grandfather, who immigrated to the States from Halsua in 1902 and was employed in the copper mines of Butte, Montana. It is believed he died in a mining accident in 1918. I have no idea of the magnitude of this accident.

His draft registration card states he worked in the Black Rock Mine. The only accident of record was the disastrous fire of 1918, killing many miners, with many unidentified. If do not know if he was a victim but would like to know if there exists a documented list of those men working the mine that day.

Any information or leads to pursue will be greatly appreciated. All tangible sources such as Ancestry, Finnish Embassy and others have been explored.

Eino M. Kauppi
61 Main St.
Townsend, MA 01469
ekauppi (at) verizon.net