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13-03-15, 13:42
people seldom disappear for real but still looking for these:

Ethel Abrahamson born 1919 in Butte, CO (dec 1918?-10.7.2013), married to Ambrose Abrahamson , San Mateo CA. Ambrose died 1968 and Ethel, called Pete moved to NY when she was old. Their children..there should be a girl called Nancy J married to a Michael Sowan in NY. And a boy Willard A Abrahamson. Haven´t found them..would like to contact them. Nancy and Michael may have a girl, Ingela.
About Willard I know nothing at all.

Ethel also had a brother:
Carl R Peterson born abt 1918 in Butte, MO.

Can anyone find anything more?

Karen Norwillo
14-03-15, 21:24
From Ethel "Pete" Abrahamson's obit, born 19 Dec 1918 in Butte, Silver Bow, MT, died 10 Jul 2013, obit says San Jose, CA, but SSDI says Plattsburgh, NY. Moved to CA at 21, married Ambrose Abrahamson in 1940. Worked for AAA in San Carlos and San Mateo. Moved to upstate NY in 2004. Lived in the Lake Forest Senior Retirement Home. She is survived by son Willard and daughter-in-law Birgitta of Sweden and a daughter Nancy and son-in-law Michael Sowan of Lewis, NY. She had grandchildren and great-grandchildren, not named. She was cremated and her ashes scattered at sea. From San Jose Mercury News/San Mateo County Times 19 July 2013.
Additional info, Willard Andrew Abrahamson born 6 Mar 1943 San Mateo, CA. mmn:Peterson. Nancy Jutina Abrahamson 6 Aug 1944 San Mateo, CA From Ambrose's obit, Ingela is Willard and Birgitta's daughter. Born 16 Feb 1968 San Mateo, CA. mmn Lindfors.
Ethel's parents Oscar Peterson 1891 Finland and Anna Isaacson. They married 14 Oct 1916 in Butte, MT. Ambrose Abrahamson died 25 Mar 1968 in San Mateo, CA.
From 1940 census, Peterson family in San Francisco, CA, says were in Minneapolis, MN in 1935. Oscar, Annie, Carl and Ethel listed.

Karen Norwillo
14-03-15, 22:03
Here's Carl/Karl Runar Peterson's 1939 marriage to Lucille Phippen. He was born 6 Jun 1917 MT and died 16 Nov 1997 in San Bernadino, CA. mmn:Isaacson.

Karen Norwillo
15-03-15, 19:25
Oscar Peterson born 4 Jan 1891 Wasa, father Peter Petersson (Pehr Pehrsson), mother Anna Mattsdotter. Anna Britta Isaacsdotter Björkvall born 16 Jan 1893 Munsala to Isaac Isaacsson and Kate (Kajsa Andersdotter. Anna died 29 Oct 1930 in Butte, MT.

12-01-19, 23:08
Hi again! Tried to find an obit for Carl Runar Peterson but there are so many.. cojld uou please help..I mostly want to know if he and Lucille had children..

Karen Norwillo
13-01-19, 19:27
This is a very confusing branch of your family. On Karl Runar Peterson, married first to Lucille Eunice Phippen 26.8.01917 in Basin, MT and died 22.11.1993. They married 9.4.1939 in MT and divorced before 1952. She remarried 3.1.1955 in Norfolk, VA to a Eugene Wallace Wiley or Eugene Riley Wallace.
Karl Runar remarried to Blonette Rita Bertrand 19.12.1952 in MT, they divorced 11.9.1963 and later remarried 29.9.1968. So far I've found no children. Blonette was born 16.10.1921 in MT.

13-01-19, 19:33
Thank you Karen. It certainly seemed strange..
I'll see if I can find something more :)
Snowing a lot here now :)