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Karen Douglas
06-03-04, 23:19
Hi Chuck!

As far as I know, the only Lutheran church in Dollar Bay is First Lutheran Church, an ELCA congreation (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). It came into being about 1900 when some of the early residents of this community (then known as the "Village of Clark") began meeting in th Finnish Temperance Hall. Finnish pastors - the Revs. J. Gust Nikander and John Back of Hancock - served the people in marriages, baptisms, confirmations, funerals, etc. (Both, as you probably know, were instrumental in the founding of Suomi College in Hancock - now Finlandia University.) However, the first members of the church were primarily from the Swedish-speaking areas of Korsholm, Finland.

In 1902, the Lutherans built a church at 300 Avenue "G," which is now known as "Granite" street, and changed the name to "Finnish Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church." It kept that name until 1930, when it became known as "First Lutheran."

I've only been to Dollar Bay a few times so I'm not all that familiar with the all the small towns and villages in that area, but isn't there a town of Woodside near there?


06-03-04, 23:50
My 1921 map of Michigan doesn't show a town or settlement called Woodside. Such a town did not have a postoffice in my postal history list for Michigan so it could have existed but without a post office.
I think you mean Avenue G of today was Granite Avenue in 1902, right?
Faith Lutheran as Swenson shows it began in 1902 so it must be a renamed version of the F-S and lst Lu you talk about but now I have got to go and check that place out and I will post what I find about the church itself.
I expect you already have everything you want about your rellies so I won't tarry there.


Karen Douglas
07-03-04, 01:15
Hi Chuck,

No, it was "Avenue G" way at the beginning, when Dollar Bay was the Village of Clark. It was re- named "Granite Avenue" within the past dozen years or so, or so says the historian at First Lutheran.

I am also looking at a sketch of a map, dated Feb. 1, 1917, in a book titled "Dollar Bay, Michigan." It was self-published a couple of years ago by a Clarence Monette, a local historian who resides in Lake Linden, and writes about that area. This was his 54th book! It also includes a lot of photographs.

You know, Swenson should really have some of this information on file. I think I have an extra copy of the Dollar Bay book, as well as a couple of books produced for the 75th and 100th anniversaries of the church. I'll have to go thru my files and send them out.


07-03-04, 01:45
Attached is a cut of the Copper Range RR map of 1906 which Clarence Monette used in his book, "The Copper Range Railroad" .
It shows Woodside just beyond Dollar Bay which lends credence to my view that the current group of homes on Woodside Rd represent that settlement.
First use of my Michigan Ghost Towns of the UP book and Woodside writeup is as follows: WOODSIDE - 1910, on the Copper Range and Mineral Range Railroads. Mail to Hancock.

On the other thread, I posted a mapquest map which showed Avenue "G" so maybe the guy just mixed Granite Avenue with that one? A new mystery:)

Anybody who goes to Finnfest in Marquette in 2005 and does not purchase a Clarence Monette book might suffer a Yooper curse


07-03-04, 02:58

Hi Karen,
Swenson's email address is online so you might want to check with Jill Seaholm to see if they already have a copy of the book[s] you wrote about. If not then she will give you the mail address if you need it.

Karen Douglas
08-03-04, 00:44
Hi Chuck,

Great idea! I will check with Jill at Swenson to see if she has these books. I know I sent copies to the SFHS - as well as the Library of Congress in D.C.

I guess I'm kind of an historical "nitpicker." I firmly believe that copies of all historical information and material should be filed in more than one place.